Sunday, May 16, 2010

Illamasqua Lipsticks Du Jour 5.16.10

Ok I have waxed poetic many times for my love of Illamasqua. I did a haul and review on my collection on You-tube. I wanted to give better swatches here in better light.

Their lipstick range is fabulous, beyond pigmented, long lasting and the colors are great. I am in love with the colors I have. Perfect nudes, peaches, corals and pinks! They are mostly matte so they can be drying but that is easy to solve for. Put a balm on first and pat on color!

If you are interested in the video, head over and check out the video.

Swatches from clockwise, left to right:
Sonnet, Liv, Avenge, Over and Obey. Bottom: Salacious

Testing the staying power. Soap, then rubbing, then rinsing.

Still on... Woah!

Love these lipsticks! Do you have any?



  1. Unfortunately I cannot get hold of Illamasqua in my home country :(

  2. I have Sonnet and I lurve it. :) Perfect peachy nude.
    check it out here in one of my LOTDs

  3. I have Sonnet, Box, Test and another shade in a quad, they do have great staying power! Lovely shades too

  4. Woah, that's crazy staying power right there!

  5. what a lipstick!!me too theres no illamasque here in my country,i wonder if those can be used as a blush...

  6. I have never tried Illamasqua product but I might have to try---those colors are beautiful!

  7. Ohh can you show what sonnet and liv look like on the lips?xxxx

  8. @ Nisa- Isnt that crazy??

    @ Mere- You should!

    @ Camille- They for sure can be used as a cream blush!

  9. I have Sonnet but don't really wear it as much as I should. I should check out their other colors. :) I love Liv.

  10. Hi! Please check out my new blog girlies!
    loving this post, defo inspired me to buy some illamasqua make-up!xx

  11. I went over to the Illamasqua website right after your video, Sonnet and Over look so gorgeous...!
    Ah, too bad I 'm waiting for an Illamasqua order atm, but these will definitely be purchased sometime in the future..!


  12. I have Test, Wanton and Box. I love them all and agree that they have amazing staying power!