Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tutorial Du Jour 5.12.10

Hi Guys, so I did this look on You-tube and wanted to post my inspiration pic here. I know I know, Mary Kate Olsen, such a teeny bopper thing to do but I really love her make up here. I personally think she is adorable in general. Regardless of what you think of her style, she definitely is a style setter.

Anyway, I love the golden copper eye and nude lips she has here. Her skin looks glowing, the eye makeup is very flattering and I love the nude lip. I obviously love her hair here also!

If you guys are interested in how to achieve this look then watch HERE



  1. She can look pretty, but she does get some unflattering pics of her. Will watch now!


  2. I love love love her hair BUT i prefer yours. Yours somehow is lighter but looks healthier and softer... like on your YT channel.. you actually want to reach out and stroke your hair!!

  3. i love her style, she is so beautiful! :) x

  4. I have to comment on your "overrated product" clip. I was dying!

    Okay I feel you on the MAC #187 brush that said I am waiting for the lynch mob to come get me. Actually I feel like a lot of MAC products are totally overrated. Maybe I am just getting over my MAC obsession and moving on. The whole NARS/Orgasm thing - I am so over it! I never owned the blush - my friend at Sephora Corp. gave me the multiple that didn't do a DAMN thing for me.

    I did enjoy your MK inspiration clip - I will look into those pigments used because I love me some "multi-tasking" products that work, too!

  5. i loved the vid! her lip colour is pretty, it actually reminds me of this maybelline moisture lipstick called sugar plum ice!

  6. I was wondering what brush you are using in the last part of the video. The black fluffy one? Thanks, love your style!!

  7. I love her! Gorgeous make up, hair and clothes. I love how she puts outfits together too. :)

  8. shes so pretty !! Your hairis amazing in the video :)

  9. she is a trend setter and I LOVE almost everything she wears :))

  10. She looks great on the picture. Cute, yet sexy. Well, I might not wanna wear what she does, but she can pull it off:)

  11. I love her style! You should check out your daily olsen twin fix. Its my everyday go to blog (after yours, of course :)). x

  12. You did a stunning recreation of her look hun, if not better! ;) xxx

  13. heyy lady! could you list all the products and brands used? esp the lip balm

  14. I just watched this and the look you create looks absolutely gorgeous!
    So cute, i'm really jealous, I WANT all the products you used :)

  15. Hi,

    I only recently subscribed to your blog and youtube channel, and was wondering if this video is still available/ if I could get access to it? Please let me know! Thanks!


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