Friday, May 28, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: Natalie Decleve 5.28.10

Hi Ladies and gents!

As usual, I was in a cab the other day with my eyes glazed over staring at the annoying TV that is now in all cabs. My eyes un-glazed when a Bobbi Brown video came on. I love Bobbi Brown products, it was about their new campaign and all of a sudden I screamed. The cab driver stopped short and yelled at me. Obviously! They are always so rude. Anyway, my friend Natalie was in the campaign!

Let me tell you a little about Natalie before I get into the Bobbi Brown shoot.

First of all, I met Natalie Decleve a few years ago when we worked together. Rewind back to when i first met her. In walks a stunning blond. Not just any old cheese ball pretty blond. TRULY stunning natural beauty! Immediately thought, why is this girl not a model? Why is she working? Does she have mental problems?

Well after working and talking with her a lot you realize why, she is ambitious and smart! Not that models aren't but she had additional goals in life. I know, how shocking! On top of being gorgeous and smart she also happens to be funny and nice. I KNOW, HOW ANNOYING?! All I want to do is hate the girl for being so freakin' pretty but YOU CAN NOT. It is impossible, she is insanely nice. Fast forward to current day, after my initial faux- hatred died down we became friends. We went to LA on a business trip together and quite a lot of silliness prevailed, such as almost dying in an intersection in Venice, California topless trying to pick up cookies for Lindsay Lohan...Don't Ask! Point blank, Natalie is one of the coolest and most stylish people I know.

Oh wait, let me add some more salt to the wound... her boyfriend, Neal is adorable and equally as nice. You might recognize Neal from his roles as Tyler in Ugly Betty and Kevin in the new SATC 2.

Where are these people made?

Let me move onto the pictures so you can all understand what I am talking about!

Natalie and Neal


As soon as I saw her mug on the Bobbi Brown Video, I immediately asked more about it. I wanted to get her perspective on the campaign, to know how she got involved and how she liked it.

See below what Natalie had to say:

"This spring, Bobbi Brown's launched their "Pretty Powerful" campaign to promote Bobbi's core concept of natural beauty. The basic idea was to feature a range of "real" women, and highlight their various individual looks using Bobbi's spring makeup collection. The project involved about 45 women shot over 3 days, who were all invited by members of the Bobbi Brown team (friends, family etc). I was invited by an ex colleague of mine who now heads up the Bobbi Brown PR department, and of course I jumped at the chance to get involved!

Bobbi herself did my makeup, and she and the rest of the gang from Bobbi Brown were really gracious and lovely to work with. All of the women chosen were just stunning, and had such varied looks - from a green-eyed Asian woman who was 8 months pregnant, to a redhead with more freckles than not, to a woman with striking white/grey hair and huge dark eyes. It was an honor to be included in this group of incredible women, and to work with such an iconic artist and business woman. I would have to say that the campaign is appropriately titled - as seeing such a varied image of beauty is truly, Pretty Powerful!" How cool?

If you are interested in checking out the campaign you can watch it on You-Tube here: Check Nat out talking about under eye concealer! Congrats to Natalie for being part of something so important and great, making women feel better about themselves.

Let me get back to Natalie's style. It is not very often that I am bowled over by someones personal style. It takes a lot to impress me, not that I am a walking fashion plate but I have very specific likes and dislikes. Natalie's taste is spot on! We have extremely similar tastes in clothing. If I like something, Natalie usually does and vice versa. You can usually catch Natalie in some thing loose and flowing in a natural neutral color or in something super chic.

The reason I bring this up is because Natalie actually left where we work to pursue styling (modeling is a side gig) but not only styling, she does a whole plethora of services to make you as chic as her, as if that is possible! Check out her website and have a look around. If you are in NYC and are looking for help with your fashion sense call or email her and let her know that Dara sent you! I guarantee she will get your style looking on point! Check her website out here at

I know for sure, If I was ever going to hire a stylist it would 100% be Natalie, she is one of the only people I would truly trust to go out and shop for me.

Lastly, even better, she has a personal blog that is fun, stylish and smart, just like her! I highly recommend checking it out here:

Have you seen the Pretty Powerful campaign? What do you think?

Check out Natalie's blog and website and let me know what you all think!



  1. Great post, Dara!
    I really loved reading it and your friend is beautiful. Plus I loved the BB video x

  2. That's awesome. I'm checking out Nat's blog later today. I am hoping to put out more fires here at my desk so I can catch up with more pressing issues, such as catching up with my blog reading/commenting!

  3. How fantastic! And what a GREAT friend you are Dara. I am going to read all the links now!! Thanks

  4. I so faux-hate her! hahahaha She is cute as a button..and dont get me started on Neil...hubba hubba! They are the most uber-chic couple ever...Love her blog, too!

  5. Your friend is beautiful!! I love her blog too and will subscribe!
    I was one of the semi-finalists for the pretty powerful campaign contest :)
    It is such a positive campaign!!!

  6. this blog post made me feel really good. like all of your positive comments and attitude rubbed off on me. it was really refreshing to read something like this. and believe me, us readers see you like you see Natalie.

  7. I love you! What a sweet post, thank you SO much!!
    I'll pay you later - meet me in the alley, 10pm. (JK!!!!) ;)

  8. Hey! I follow your Youtube and LOVE IT! So rad. Anyway, I was wondering if you could post some pictures of lip swatches and closer up swatches of the Tom Ford lip colors. I am really interested in the first 4 light colors, but there isn't a store by me that has them to look at. So I don't really know how to compare! I don't know what to do....

  9. d,
    i cant get past the first paragraph of this thread.
    i can totally picture the whole cab scenario as if i were there.
    should be a scene in a tv sitcom.
    xo chauss

  10. "Why is this girl not a model? Why is she working? Does she have mental problems?"

    Hahha you seem like such a sweet friend! Loved this post, off to check out the video!

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