Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obsession Du Jour 5.11.10

I have been on a natural and organic kick lately and this is the product that started it. I was wondering around in the East Village and walked into a shop called Flower Power. Cute name right? Anyway, I found this product. I love lavender and usually anything that has lavender in it, I buy it. So we all know I have very dry skin, so I always am interested in Shea Butter products. Okay, i digress. The product that I found is called Dr. Amikole's Shea Butter.

I was initially drawn to the small hexagonal glass travel packaging and the gorgeous scent. The smell is pure natural lavender. Gorgeous. The product is a creamy shea butter that is fabulously moisturizing and will not irritate the most sensitive of skins. I have been carrying this with me everywhere as it is travel friendly.

I also picked up the Oil version for next to my bed. I have been slathering this on every night before bed. This is intensely moisturizing as all. If pure shea butter is too heavy for you, I would go with the Shea Oil. It absorbs very nicely and smells like heaven. Shea Oil is made from 100% pure shea butter, essential oils, and herbs. Shea oil is a "fractionated oil" meaning that it is the oily fraction of the pure butter.

I found Dr. Amikole online too! The prices are VERY reasonable. $11 for the jar and $15 for the oil.The product for the Shea Butter from Dr. Amikole's website is:

"Amikole's Lavender Butter combines two of the world's best kept secrets: organic African Shea Butter and organic French Lavender flowers and organic Lavender essential oil (not a secret anymore!). Beneficial for a myriad of skin issues, this combination can help with burns, eczema, scarring, and the adverse effects stress and aging have on the skin. Psychologically, Lavender oil has "calming and soothing effects" and the flower extract has "a more markedly narcotizing" effect. "Lavender is ruled by the planet Mercury. In this respect, lavender is a wonderful essential oil for inducing the deep, relaxing sleep we need for analysing our situations… our mental clarity will increase and we will find life a lot more enjoyable." Use Amikole's Lavender Butter to moisturize and soothe the entire body, easing tension and creating serenity in your daily life. Amikole's Lavender shea butter is made with organic shea butter that has been extracted using cold press extraction methods."

If you are interested you can order here: http://www.sheabutter.net/

I absolutely love this all natural product.

Let me know your thoughts and if you will be trying it!



  1. Is't the east village wonderful! :) This sounds lovely!

    Liesl :)

  2. You are going to have to look into Elemental Herbology, I love their skin products and it's right up your alley with potent lavender fragrances!! I can't have it too strong, it needs to be mixed with vanilla to tame it down or something, so I will have to skip out on this one! shame it does sound good! :(

  3. definitely going to buy the oil!!! <3 your blog! I just started mine come check it out :)

  4. Great finds!!! I love everything natural and organic, thankfully nowadays there's a lot of skincare brands to choose from- my faves are Korres, Apivita and Sanoflore ;)

  5. i need a report back on the shea butter-salt scrub please.
    xo chauss

  6. The smell of shea butter and lavender just sounds so divine right now! I might have to order the jar. I love those vintage/generic looking jars!

  7. This looks/sounds so nice. I should look into ordering some as I could use something to help me relax and sleep better.

  8. hey! :) the oil sound SOOO interesting! i would love to try it but unfortunately they dont ship to Cyprus. :(((

    damn! I have to move to the states! ;p xxxxx

    1. I ordered the shea butter last month and I have to say I'm just loving it! It is so nice to slather on before bed and smells heavenly! Even my husband adores it! Can't wait to see another Whole Foods/Organic haul! Thanks for the recommendation! little girl pink outfits , little girl yellow dress , boys red pants , green dress for kids , Boys Red T Shirt , kids red t shirt , kids red shirt , Red T Shirt Kids , plain red t shirt child , red shirt kids , Boys Plain Red T Shirt

  9. I am a sucker for natural products and a packaging nut!!! These products sound very amazing.

  10. Hello again!
    I love your posts.
    This stuff sounds amazing but I am in the UK so can't get it :(
    I bought a Mac eyeliner crayon after seeing one of your videos and it is soooo nice and creates a perfect smokey eye. x

  11. These both look really lovely, I think you might be my favorite blogger/youtube guru! I absoutely love your taste in makeup and skincare xx

  12. I ordered the shea butter last month and I have to say I'm just loving it! It is so nice to slather on before bed and smells heavenly! Even my husband adores it! Can't wait to see another Whole Foods/Organic haul! Thanks for the recommendation!

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