Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Obsession Du Jour Milk Soy Creme 5.18.10

This has been one of my long time favorite beauty items. My best friend Stephanie and I found this in a random store in Syracuse when we were in college. Its by the brand Archipelago Botanicals and the specific product is Milk Soy Creme. It is a tad pricey, not expensive but not cheap, the tube retails for $18.95.

This body creme comes in a plastic tube, I love the packaging. Anywho, it is very moisturizing and travel friendly. However, the best part is the smell. I don't know if I can even describe it. It is the most amazing smell ever. Its a very soft, clean and subtle smell but its beyond delicious, I could smell this all day long. I use it all the time just to smell it.

Onto the product itself, its moisturizing without leaving behind the greasy feel that I hate. Personally, I will never be without a tube of this!

Will you pick this up? Have you tried anything from this line?



  1. Just noticed online that they do a fragrance in the line - might save you from using all the cream up just to smell it : )

    Sophie x

  2. Sophie! Thanks! I should try that!! x

  3. googling this now to see where I can find it!

  4. I use the soy body cream - LOVE it!! You're right, totally not greasy at all yet super moisturizing.

  5. Added it to my wishlist on Amazon. I'm wondering if it's anything like the FRESH milk body lotion. It to has a very subtle yet heavenly scent and makes my skin super soft. I definitely couldn't go without it!

  6. I adore your blog!! Where can this be found? I live in Iowa and we never have anything good. Thank you for your help!!

  7. I just took a look at their website and their products look amazing! I'm definitely interested in the fragrance they have of that body creme.

  8. 1 i love your blog and your youtube tutorials/reviews! so thank you!
    2 i had to add my fav skin care line and wanted to see if anyone else used it--Eminence Organics. this stuff is AMAZING. organic products (huge line) that feels and smells just awesome. i'm pretty sure you can actually eat the stuff. HIGHLY recommend. tad bit expensive but 100% worth it!

  9. I will definitely try this out.. Another smell that I qualify as fresh and clean smelling is Sabon's Lavender Apple... LOVE that scent, have the hand cream, body scrub, milky soap AND body cream!! Clearly I'm addicted, I always go to the Sabon store in Soho :)

  10. This looks SO nice, I'm definately going to try it if I can get my hand on it all the way in australia!
    I also put your blog link in my most recent post.
    Favourite blog ever!
    www.liplockedd.blogspot.com if you want to have a look :)

  11. I was so happy to hear that they stock this in Australia! Gonna pick some up today after seeing your videos :)

  12. best cream EVER!!! i miss syracuse and the weirdo stores we found up there

  13. i just bought this and a huge bottle of body cream from this brand from skinstore.com. i can't wait to try it all out! i got suckered into the body cream (i think the botanical cream?) cuz i liked the packaging. haha. i also purchased the ddf mask that was recommended on youtube. thanks for all the suggestions =)

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