Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: Pale Sky Blue 5.20.10

If you know me and you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you know I think very bright eyeshadow are a big NO NO in my book. However, i think I need to specify it is not the colors per se but its the combination's that people do.

Do I think "Sunset theme" eyes are elegant or classy? Hell to the NO, I think they are the opposite of that. Tropical Eyes? Oh boy, do not get me started. Oh wait, matching your outfits to your eye combination's? Gag me with my MAC 242 brush! However, do I think a sheer wash of Lilac across the eyes are? Yes. Maybe an electric blue liner accenting your lower lash line? Yes. A deep smokey green to subtlety highlight your eye color? Gorgeous! You get what I am saying, I think color needs to be done in a certain way for me to like it. Obviously, everyone is different and I completely understand and respect that!

Therefore what I am about to say is going to be odd, with that being said, I have been recently very into the pale sky blue color! I don't know what it is but I have been feeling inspired by spring! I a loving sky blue from nail polish to eyeshadow.

Please see below inspiration:

Please follow me on my next journey to find the "Ultimate" Pale sky blue eyeshadow and nail polish! I already have my eye on a few! ;)



  1. Haha completely agree, I never wear colour unless its just one colour smoked out, and thats once in a blue moon or never!

    Speaking of pale blue, you need Gosh velvet touch liner in ice blue in your life! I think this needs to be in the epic swap. Just sayin.

  2. Yep, i am just not into it! Okay we will add that to our epic-ness of a swap wew are going to do. PS I already have some bits of the best of the us for you!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE U x

  3. 'Gag me with my MAC 242 brush!' HA!

    it's like you took the words out of my mouth
    i am and always will be a neutral girl!!

  4. urban decay do a lovely pale blue, 'shattered' and its really easy to work with. it's gorgeous, esp if you have pale blue eyes (like me).

  5. lol...great post! I love reading your blog:))
    I totally agree..when it comes to makeup you wear out (not just for some crazy photoshoot) all that counts to me as well, is that it looks classy.

  6. I look like a transexual with bright e/s one lol maybe it's because I am a Giant Idk (lol) But I must agree that these pictures are really inspiring and gorgeous...


  7. @Caitlin- Im glad you liked that!! hahaha

    @GreenMist- Thanks! i will check it out!

    @FaceIt- Thank you!! Classy is the way to go!

    @Hollywood- HAHAHAHAH! Love it!

  8. i totally agree ... i think neutral eyes all the way or like you said smokey green etc!

    Fab post huni! And also the GOSH liner in ice blue is gorgeous!


  9. Sugar- Woohoo! I am going to check it out xx

  10. yes yes yes i am adoring ice blue or mint green with lashings of black mascara it is so fresh and easy to wear xx iv only just discovered your you tube videos and your voice really reminds me of madonna..which is a compliment!

  11. MissJone- Thanks!! I love Madonna so i will take it as a compliment! x

  12. I have MAC's Aquadisiac and Shimermoss on my list to get soon!
    Have you tried OPI's Whats with the Cattitude for a sky blue polish or Essie Lapis Of Luxury its totally gorgeous! x

  13. i'm more of a neutral color person myself, but when i do color, it's only one color at a time. i mean i like an occasional smoked out deep purple sometimes. but i HATE when people use two opposite colors. like using purple or pink and blue together. you look like the Easter bunny

  14. I have been really into looking for navy/sapphire liners - I think it's all your fault! hahaha but I know I can't get away with the pale blue shadow - I have UD Shattered in the Ammo palette and it doesn't do anything for me. But for blue eyed lovelies like yourself it's gorgeous! I guess I'd go for a cool silver to get a somewhat same effect.

  15. "Gag me with my MAC 242 brush" Love it! I completely agree. I'm pale faced. So, I REALLY can't appreciate bright eye shadow colors!

  16. the new Nars shadow in Burn it Blue
    Ysl acquaresistant shadow in #19 Riviera Blue - this is a great color for almost all skin tones. Just got this - its a gorgeous blue with subtle shimmer

  17. I agree---UD Shattered is a nice frosty pale blue.

    No drag queen makeup for me but I do love color---it's a nice way to change it up a bit.

  18. Everytime I see a "rainbow", "tropical", or "sunrise" tutorial, the fashionista in me cringes and Anna Wintour-esque criticisms come spewing out. They should never be done. EVER. Why would I put it on my eyes if it is so beautiful in nature? Because darlin' it isn't beautiful on your eyes.

  19. I totally agree w/ you! A subtle hint of color is all that's necessary... I just cringe when I see girls who look like they've been attacked by Crayola box lol.


  20. Perfectly Imperfect- I think I love you...

  21. I'm going to have to disagree I think you should wear whatever makes you happy. The problem lies not with the color itself but how it is applied like you said. Because when used in the right way color is a beautiful thing. I think sometimes people are just scared to step out of their comfort zone. I know a lot of people who would like to try different colors but they are scared that other ppl might not think it looks right but who cares what other people say do what makes you happy. Michelle Phan has a video on YouTube called "Moonlight Seduction" and I think its beautifully done and looks very exotic.

  22. Definately agree!
    I am a neutrals gal through and through! But when colour is done right, like just a hint in the inner corner or smoked out with other neutrals it can be hot!
    I really think the first picture is amzing. When you find your perfect pale blue, be sure to post a pic!

  23. i'm with you dollface! bright shadows/crazy mixes of color just don't do it for me! thank you for speaking up! p.s. i think yellow eyeshadows should be banned from all beauty counters. xoxo

  24. Interesting post!!!
    I do see your point, it's easy to make a huge mess when doing colourful looks, that's why I stick to neutrals as well!!!
    But I think that it's a matter of personal taste, and if done right, it can look really nice!

    Although, if it matches the outfit....:S that's just vile! Lol!


  25. Hey Dara! Love your blog and vids!
    Check this out, you might like them:
    *Sephora Brand Nano Eyeliner in Lagoon
    *Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in Havana Dreams

  26. I was enjoying a leisurely walk down a tree-lined street in Chicago North when I spotted the nicest shade of light blue, and of all things, on the body paint of a car! I stopped to admire the shade and caught the gentleman staring back at me, smiling.

    Rather than being misunderstood as a hussy or even as a car thief, I made my apologies hastily and ran off, stating: "I love the light-blue color of your car."


    At least, here, I won't be caught looking!!!

  27. mac pro has a lovely pigment called clear sky blue... one of my fave colors! you should check that out. :) love your blog and so glad that you're now doing vids on youtube! have a great weekend!

  28. I love using MUFE aqua eye in 15L smudged a little on my eyes, keeping it simple with a peachy cheek and a slick of balm on my lips :)

  29. Totally get what ur saying w/ the color and eyeshadows...I have been liking the same kind of blue eyeshadow look. I recently bought a NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Pots & Pans and use that as a base and then put Mac's Electra on the lid and it looks really pretty. Kind of like a blue/gray.

  30. hey see your first nars inspiration pic, please can you do a tutorial on getting that perfect blush contour look!
    mel from London

  31. You've got me hooked on looking 4 the perfect shade of light - blue also. It is not the same hue we liked as children but more of a sophisticated one!

    Over the weekend, I was looking at You Tube sites, one of which was on Dr Who, and the gal in the piece was wearing a perfect shade of light blue. If I can find the video, I will share it here. It was on Facebook on one of those fan sites!

    This whole thing reminds me of an experience I had when a new best friend had lent me her silvery eyeshadow. I floored the entire neighborhood when I wore, I was thinking what if we mixed pale sky blue with pale silvery dust or mist? What do you think?

    Let's go on with this search. You've got good taste.

  32. the third picture down of the girl with the heavy blue green eye is by pat mcgrath who is really competent with making colour look chic. in the dolce and gabbana s/s show she broke all the rules by teaming lime green or purple or blue shadow with a scarlett lip! somehow it looked amazing - she is the one to look at for chic use of colour...

  33. just discovered your videos...quite fun...a thoroughly modern pale blue is Chanel's Lagoon. Very pretty ~ very subtle. I also wear shu's BG907 and am sad as well to see them leave the US. regards ~ CJ

  34. I just read an article that says that men in Australia prefer women not to wear blue eye shadow. Would that be true?

  35. Check out OCEAN color by I'm Fabulous. Organic mineral eyeshadow! AMAZING!

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