Monday, May 24, 2010

Obsession Du Jour: Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Gloss 5.24.10

Hi Ladies, I am very picky about lip gloss. This is probably because I am not a big "lip gloss girl" too high maintenance and don't forget the fact I have a massive amount of long hair. Lip gloss and long hair is an awful mix. Anyway, when I find a good lip gloss that I am head over heels about I am a happy camper. I do love myself a nice pair of glossy lips. Now add to the equation a lip gloss under $10. FABULOUS! (Plus I got two compliments wearing this lip gloss, including from a makeup artist at the The Make Up Show, they were all shocked when I told them it was from the drugstore!)

Okay, so I was in the drugstore perusing the aisles and I went to the Prestige display. I love prestige's mineral makeup, the glam tan is a fabulous bronzer with shimmer for the summer golden goddess look. ANYWAY, I digress, I saw a tube of nude gloss. I LOVE NUDE. We all know that, but upon closer inspection, I saw ultra refined shimmer in it. It is a pale nude with very very refined gold duo chrome shimmer. It is absolutely gorgeous. Okay, so that obviously was enough for me to buy it. But even better? It is such a GREAT gloss is all ways.

The gloss cost $7.99. Awesome! The formula is so soft, cushion-y and jelly like. I love cushion-y glosses! They feel lovely on the lips. It is a very soft formula, no grittiness whatsoever. It also is not sticky! I find MAC lipglass to be a bit sticky. It is a moisturizing formula, it happens to be called "Lasting Moisture Lip gloss". That gives it bonus points in my book. Also, the smell is gorgeous, it smells like Fresh's lemon sugar scent which I love. Very fresh and clean, not saccharine sweet and nauseating.

Now onto the color...perfection. It is called Soft Peach (MMG-02). It is a very soft nude, running a bit warmer than cool, however I find it to be neutral. It is pigmented enough to wear on its own as a nude but not too pigmented that you cant wear over other glosses. It pales down my natural lip color beautifully!

Lastly, I love the packaging, it doesn't look cheap. It reminds me of Josie Maran packaging. It is a tube with a gunmetal top. Very nice!

All in all I am super impressed and happy with the Prestige Skin Loving Minerals lip gloss line and for SURE will be picking up some more.

Have you tried? Will you try it out?


  1. I might have to - I am rediscovering the genius of certain drugstore beauty products. I bought a Wet n'Wild Taupe eyeshadow for less than $3 that I just love!

  2. i love finding inexpensive but great products :) I'll have to check this gloss out.

  3. Interesting! :) I have prestige pencil liners and their mascara.
    I'll have to go check their glosses the next time I visit the mall. Thanks for sharing! :3

  4. @Jennifer Baker- Let me know if you try it out.

    @Sugar Sugar- Let me know!

    @Lexi- I have to try Wet N Wild out.

  5. Hi Sweetie,
    I gave you an award..cause you are a sweet blogger:))

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  6. Need it!

    I love my Barry M Toffee, over creme de nude its perfect and not sticky but this looks more pigmented!

  7. AH I saw these in our Australian drugstore, Priceline, and was very intrigued but am on a self imposed 'spending ban'. Probably most like yourself, I have a lot of glosses, but much perfer lipsticks due to all the things you mentioned!

    The prestige mineral foundation is my HG!

  8. It looks like a fabulous colour, i need it!
    I have never really looked at Prestige's lipglosses but will definitely be checking them out :)

  9. This is a really pretty and soft nude color!
    I gave you an award also!

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  10. Thanks for the rec! Another great inexpensive gloss is NYX. The colors are beautiful and are around $6.

  11. I can't wait to try it out!! I plan on picking up 3 :)

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