Monday, May 3, 2010

Shake Shack Du Jour 5.3.10

Hi Guys, so this post is a little off topic, but in light of all things beautiful I will go on.

Hey! I think food is beautiful. If you are familiar with NYC you will know about Shake Shack, basically it is an institution. Danny Meyer the famous restaurateur opened this shack dab in the middle of a park. Every New Yorker worth their metro card knows about it.

As soon as it warms up Shake Shack is open. It is THE best burger in NYC. The shack is location in Madison Square Park which luckily for me only 3 blocks from my apartment! Not lucky for my waist size though. In the warm weather the line is hours long and can sometimes wrap around the entire park. It is worth it however!

Anyway, I LOVE cheeseburgers. I actually consider myself a sort of cheeseburger connoisseur. I have tried almost every cheeseburger in NYC. JG Melons, Corner Bistro, Burger Joint...all the famous spots for burgers and I still LOVE this one. My boyfriend went with his friends this weekend while I was deep conditioning my hair (I know, I know...) and brought me back my favorite burger!! What a nice guy, knows the way to my heart huh?

The famous Shake Shack.

Obligatory cell phone shot...
The line wrapping around...

If you are ever in NY during the summer you MUST go. The burgers and the location can not be beat!

Madison Ave and East 23rd St.
Southeast Corner of Madison Square Park New York, NY 10010 -
(212) 889-6600

Have you ever indulged in a Shake Shack Burger?


  1. Ohhh those chips look gorgeous!

  2. Emma- I am starving now looking at them! yum yum

  3. I really fancy a burger now! Not sure of my summer plans yet, but NY is a possibility so I'll note Shake Shack down! xox

  4. This place looks and sounds amazing, will definitely check it out when I go to New York one day!

  5. OMG - another reason why I need to go back to NYC soon. Like I need another reason...

  6. I love Shake Shack -- I've been twice this year already! The frozen custard really is to die for as well. I have to say that Burger Joint is still my favorite though!


  7. I've never had one! They should ship them internationally ha ha. Btw you have made me very hungry now, but it's 3am here and there's no burger shop open. Sad.