Thursday, April 29, 2010

Information Du Jour 4.29.10

I found this to be very interesting, from WWD beauty Biz a a month ago.

The top beauty brands ranked by customer loyalty and shocker Estee Lauder is number one...
Estee Lauder owns MAC. Next came Clinique in the prestige brands. In the mass market brands the first was Mary Kay, then Maybelline and then L'Oreal Paris.


We all know that MAC has very loyal customers.

What is your favorite beauty brand in general? So hard to pick!



  1. MAC! All my "go to products" are MAC. A close runner-up is NARS because I am in love with NARS sheer glow.

  2. yea i'm not surprised at all that they were number 1. i am a loyal mac fan myself. but i also love bobbi brown, lorac, urban decay, and chanel. I still have to try ysl. you make it sound amazing, and i trust you on this!

  3. I don't have a fav....I love them all but tend to buy Mac more often. I think because the products are more appealing because of the price tag. Dior and Chanel would be next but I buy less because of the price. I do have some mary kay but the mk ladies can get on my nerves....

  4. Without hesitating MAC ! Mac ! Mac ! The best ! and Bobbi Brown and after Shu Uemura

    I'm french and in France we don't have so much cheap brands as well like in UK or USA ....

  5. You already know my favorite brand that I'm most loyal to girl.

  6. what's interesting is that Estee Lauder also owns Clinique... weird...

  7. gosh I so love many different brands of makeup , but I must say that I love at least one thing from every brand that I havwe tried, I have been a makup artist for 23 yrs and so I have tried alot and working on many different people , some things work for some and well you know , what works on one , may not work on another , have a pink rainbow day
    georgia from cleveland ohio


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