Thursday, April 8, 2010

Obsession Du Jour and OOTD 4.8.10

Hola Ladies! I wanted to share a photo of the makeup items that I recently can not live without. Right now (remember, I change my mind a lot) if I was banished to an island this is everything I would need. Speaking of which, my best friend and I, in college made up an island that we would banish people to and they would become 600 pounds (Steph, can I bring my makeup if I become banished?)

Tangent...anyway, see below:

YSL Faux Cils Mascara in Radical Noir
MAC Paint stick in Process Magenta
MAC Grease paint stick in Dirty
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach (I have a funny story about this)
YSL Touche Eclat in #1
MAC CCB in Hush
Shu Uemura e/s in some taupe color
YSL Lipstick Pur in Tea Rose (amazing warm nude color, so easy and universally flattering)

YSL Tea Rose lipstick and my FIERCE eyebrows. That will be another post for another time!

Moving right along, here is my outfit, it is HOT in NYC right now. Thankfully it cooled since yesterday and is now in the 70's. Yesterday it hit 90 degrees, which is insane for April in Manhattan. That is August weather, I was very displeased!

Alexander Wang Cropped T with Cutout
Eryn Brinie White silk long shorts
Brown Frye boots- Ebay!
Cheap-o brown plastic Aviators from some rand-o street vendor.

Oh yeah, I post some more pictures daily on my twitter account for the blog, BelleDuJourNYC. Come find me ya'll!

What are you all loving right now?



  1. OMG you look so good! I love your style and wish my area wasn't so fashion illiterate :/ Your brows do look really good. I'm still so angry that greasepaint sticks don't work for me..they crease so bad on just ME, I have dry lids too...maybe I will give the new ones a chance!

  2. love your bag, and very jealous that you're currently in nyc.


  3. Hmmmm, a funny story about the BB corrector?
    That tempts me to ask for details ;)

  4. Digging your aviators - i love when you score something cheap that you absolutely love...HELLO cheap earrings from F21/H&M!!

    Items I am in love with at the moment
    MAC espresso e/s+ brush #266 for my fierce brows

    great samples scored from a Nordstrom Beauty Dept Mgr - Chanel TI liquid foundation/Philosophy "Help Me" retinol serum - I cannot wait till next payday so I can buy the actual sizes of both items!

    OPI's Lucky Lavendar polish - make my hands look like an Easter Parade

    rediscovering my NARS glosses - Sweet Revenge & Gothika - I forgot how much I liked these colors on me

    MAC Pearlglide liner - Designer Purple - maybe it's the lightness of Spring but I am thinking I may need a backup (or 2) of this bad boy

    My Mia black suede sandals I bought on sale via Piperlime - I walked around Barcelona pain free in these last year. So everytime I wear these not only do I get compliments but I have wonderful Spain memories when I look at them!

  5. Thanks Aleksis! Well, NYC is the capital of fashion, in my opinion. You need to come on out here! I love the GPS, I have very dry lids, but I just smudge around my lash line x

  6. @ elle- Thanks!

    @cbsg- Oh I will post it, the sales associates are just very un- knowledgeable about beauty!

    @ lexi- cheapies are amazing, dont they just brighten your whole day?

  7. I´m loving tooooo much your blog!!!!

    I discover it the last week and i´m really obsessed, reading from your first post to the newest...

    Great job dear!!!

  8. I forgot to mention - I love your hot weather outfit and I am so glad that I'm not the only one that likes using a BIG Black bag regardless of what color my outfit or shoes are! I get lazy switching purses to try to coordinate with my shoes plus I end up forgetting to transfer my train ticket, bldg pass or even wallet into the new purse.

  9. love your brows! xx

  10. Love your outfit and sunglasses. You look fab! It was so pretty in NYC when I was there last week. The weather is amazing!

  11. Hate when it is how but you look great.
    I see someone loves YSL, me too; follow you on twitter :)

  12. Fabulous outfit huni, loving the sunnies... 90 degrees omg your sooo lucky its bearly 10 degrees here in Ireland :( Just sent a request to follow you on twitter btw cant wait so see more pics :)

  13. @ Alice- Thank you!

    @ Logan- Thank you, where did you go in NYC?

    @ Marina- LOVE YSL!

  14. @ Lexi- I wear black accessories with no matter what outfit I wear.

    @ Juicy- No way, I was dying in the 90 degree heat!

  15. You look amazing....I love YSL lipstick. I have a couple but I think I need more!!!!

  16. Totally DYING for that top girlee!

    And seriously, IN LOVE with your are just too cute!

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