Friday, April 30, 2010

Hair Inspiration Du Jour 4.30.10

So you all, I am getting my hair done tomorrow at Bumble and Bumble. Thank god, my roots have roots! I am going to go blonder for the summer.

The below is the inspiration for my color...




  1. i love tousled hair, i think it looks so relaxed and beautiful. that first photo kind of reminds me of raquel welch.


  2. great look at the second pic! i want my hair blonder with grey highlights <3 do you like it???


  3. work it girl - perfect for summer! Once again, you are reminding me why I miss my long hair.

    i'm not a blonde though - when my hair was long I rocked the J-Lo caramel highlights then I went shiny black so I could look like a Pussycat Doll haha. Didn't have Nicole's body but I did have her hair and tan - can't complain with that!

    I miss it!

  4. That colour is gonna look amazing on you! I'm shampoop118 by the way, from youtube :) Feel free to check out my blog! x

  5. That color will be amazing on you!!!

  6. I love this hair colour. My friend has a similar style and colour to the photos and it is stunning x

  7. adore <3 you will look smashing :)

  8. The second photo is the only clear shot of the photo but the color looks nice. Good luck :)

  9. I meant clear shot of the color**
    Gosh, I've been making so many typos this morning. :S

  10. The model's hair on that first photo (and photo-shoot) is giving me SERIOUS hair envy!!!

    Looking forward to seeing your blonder locks!


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