Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Inspiration Du Jour 4.18.10

Hi all, what a weekend!

I have been sick in bed with strep throat and my boyfriend broke his arm friday night. Poor guy!

Anyway, I needed some inspiration to get me moving and in the mindset for monday morning. I love to look at beautiful pictures of fashion, interiors, mood pictures and makeup to get me in the mood for my week. Hope you enjoy!

What inspires you on a Sunday night?


ps- come find me on you-tube


  1. Oh my goodness, I love your blog and your vids, addicted!!

  2. go to starbucks , get a a dry soy cappucino with extra foam and an extra shot.
    and u should startt the day in am with chauss magic green juice before coffee, fresh queezed limes and magic green powder which you bought and never used!
    xo chauss
    p.s. the only inspiration on sunday night is TRUE BLOOD june 18 cant comne quick enough

  3. chauss- i know i know, you got me! I never did use it. I look at it everyday but it scares me!!!

  4. sorry to hear about that - you are both out of commission - sucks when that happens.

    In all seriousness, right after I prepare my daughter's food/snacks for the babysitter and cut up my fruit to take to work. I like to chill out in front of the tv and look at magazines and get inspiration for my makeup/clothes the next day. Because if I just think about what I need to do at my desk I get seriously depressed. hahaha

  5. My inspiration last night was dreaming about the Mulberry Alexa handbag, it was my inspiration to get and go to work today!! Gorgeous!! xx

  6. lexi- i totally feel the same way!!!

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