Friday, April 2, 2010

Muse Du Jour: Charlotte Kemp Muhl 4.2.10

Charlotte Kemp Muhl, however she goes by Kemp Muhl. She is a, what I like to call, MAW. Model. Actress. Whatever. She dates Sean Lennon and I just simply love her hippy, I don't care style. Very cool and of course she is gorgeous to boot.

Although, i would liek to point out that most times, people work very hard to create that "I don't care look".



  1. Wow! I'm surprised I've never heard of her before! Very pretty!

  2. Anon- she is kinda under the radar!

  3. Gorgeous indeed. I may work 24/7 for that "I don't care" look and I'd fail miserably.

  4. that second picture looks like liv tyler!

  5. She looks to me like Beatrice Dalle from "Betty Blue". I never thought someone that hot would come along again. I can practically smell her musk.

  6. thanks for posting this - where are the second and eighth images from?

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