Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inspiration Du Jour 4.15.10

I am really feelin' this girls style, I thought I would quickly share. Very Aspen feeling.

The denim shirt is a big trend for spring. Will you incorporate it into your look?

I will be, I picked up a great one from the GAP, soft and worn in. Be careful of wearing denim on denim when it is the same color though. I will show a few of my outfits!



  1. Looking forward to your outfit posts! I haven't bought denim but I am looking into buying a couple of large men's dress shirts.

  2. I'll definitely be incorporating more denim in my look this summer. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect denim shirt. Topshop have a nice one that I've had my eye on for ages but my friend found a lookalike much cheaper somewhere else, they didn't have my size though - boo! I'll be wearing mine with my staple black leggings. I really want a cropped denim jacket too but need to find the right wash. Woah long comment, sorry! Looking forward to seeing some of you outfits x

  3. I found a topshop long demin shirt in a charity shop for £1.50 the other day, it was so exciting haha! It even had the tag on and everything! I really love them and have been wearing my new one loads :) xx

  4. Chambray shirts are back, really? I use to rock one hard in '93. God, I'm old!

  5. Lisa- take a look at the gap or jcrew. They both have great ones!

  6. lexi- yesss they are. rock it girl!

  7. Stevie- sounds like an amazing find!

  8. My husband has an old denim shirt in the closet that looks like that....Funny....We wore big shirts and leggings back in high school...I should of kept all my old clothes....

  9. Krista, steal his shirt and belt it. Fab!

  10. Just last week, I found an old denim shirt of mine from college(6 yrs ago) tucked deep into the blue section of my closet. (my closet is color-coordinated). Since it's pretty worn in, I've been meaning to wear it.

  11. I'm in the UK so no jcrew but I'll definitely check out gap, thanks! x

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