Sunday, April 11, 2010

You-Tube Du Jour 4.11.10

After many requests and a special someone's nudging... I am now on You-Tube. I don't know much about it yet and I have a bit of trepidation but here goes nothing. Bear with me on my journey into the world of You-tube.

We will see how this goes, I am not sure of the direction I will be taking this in yet. I will be doing tutorials, reviews and street filming. I am thinking it would be really fun to take the videos out on the streets!

Subscribe for updated videos going up this week.
Would love to hear your comments, questions, suggestions and concerns!


PS- The accent in NOT NJ Yinka! Oh the HORROR! Long Island baby!


  1. Subscribed. Love your accent! NJ? I watched your vid from start to finish. I hardly watch beauty vids on YT these days unless I'm looking for something specific, but I'll make an effort to tune into yours. Your boyf walked in halfway through the video, didn't he? LOL

  2. Yinka- Long Island! Hahahaha OMG HE DID WALK IN! he made fun of me for about 10 min. You are so quick!

  3. Oh the horror, a NJ accent?!? Thats blasphemy for a long island girl :)

  4. I subscribed too! I'm happy you're on YT now, I love your blog so I'll love your channel too yay! Great first vid! :)

  5. So happy to see you on YouTube. I loved the March Favorites video! You think *you* had a ton? You should see mine! haha (I posted them on my blog the other day.) Keep 'em comin'! :)

  6. dontcallmejessie- I will check yours out! I narrowed down my list. i didnt want to bore anyone ;)

  7. Just finished watching your video :) The idea about street videos sounds great to me!

  8. Love the fact you're now on YT, love your accent! xx

  9. When I read the "HORROR" yes I immediately thought of it said with my husband's NJ accent - it only comes out for pure comedy. He's been living in SF for over 10yrs so he pretty much shed his Jersey accent...

  10. I started my own YouTube channel but I've found that my voice is more annoying on camera lol

    great channel. love your site!

  11. is is weird i dont hear your accent?
    i grew up off of exit 41 N on the LIE.
    nice video, i am the true low mainteance make up chick. i will look for the mac greasepaint sticks.
    i am guessing merrick for you?

  12. LMAO!!! Sorry (again)Hahaha! Blame Jersey Shore and the Housewivews of NJ!!

    Love ya!

  13. haha - i watched another one of your clips - you are so funny without even trying. I love how you point out your bf's golf clubs and how he has 2 of them and that he's crazy too!

    Now I know why I don't have any you tube "how to" clips cuz I would be all awkward, have awkward silent pauses and make all these crazy ass comments that only my sisters would laugh at.

    I'm so glad you are You Tube now!

  14. OMG! Chauss... email me RIGHT NOW!

  15. lexi- Thanks!! Do you have a channel? x

  16. No channel for me - my 21 month old daughter keeps me occupied when I get home from work. If anything I would have a channel dedicated to her - you can watch her play with her toys, watch TV and get her little hands on my makeup brushes!

  17. What accent? LOL I live in strong island LOL...are you on LI or in the city?

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