Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Secret to Glowing Cheeks Du Jour 4.6.10

In the pursuit of the perfect glowing cheeks I truly believe I stumbled across the secret of ALL secrets of how to achieve this. My personal opinion is that it has more to do with the technique than the product but it doesn't hurt that this product is amazing.

I have been trying to decide if I should show you the results first or the steps to get the results. Which way would be more suspenseful?

Okay, I decided to show the outcome first, then lay it out step by step for you guys. I really don't know why I have never tried this technique or the at least no one has ever told me about it! Is there some secret glowing cheeks club that I was not privy to admission into? Oh well, I was experimenting in the bathroom on a particularly boring makeup day and I stumbled across something that made my cheeks look like this!


No Flash

Unfortunately my camera washed out the color a bit but let me tell you the effect. It was a glowing pink that looked like it was coming from within. This look is very youthful, like a rosy cheeked doll. It was reminiscent of the queen of glowing cheeks herself, Kim Kardashian. Who doesnt want that effect?

Onto the magic products and technique, I will take you through step by step.

  1. Moisturize Face (I used Cetaphil)
  2. On a clean, moisturized face take your foundation brush (mine is beauty of essence from CVS around 8$) and dab it onto MAC's Process Magenta Paintstick (this is the magic product, this thing is PIGMENTED beyond belief, creamy and matte). You can try this out with any very bright pink cream blush or base. It needs to be SUPER bright though.
  3. Put the color BELOW your actual cheek bones, more like right along the bottom (please note at this point you will look like a crazy clown, or maybe I just did. We'll see..)
  4. Blend it in with your fingers or brush.
  5. NOW put on your foundation or tinted moisturizer (I use Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer).
  6. This tones down the crazy color and gives the effect that it is coming from UNDER your skin. AMAZING
  7. I tapped a tiny bit of NARS "Desire" blush along the cheekbones.
  8. I then highlighted the actual tops of the cheek bones with DIORS Amber Diamond shimmer powder (you can use any highlighter, MACs MSF, NARS Albatross, MAC CCB's) Anything that has a slight opalescent shimmer to it. This makes those babies POP!
  9. An extra step that you can take if you have rounder cheeks is that you can take a bronzer and SLIGHTLY contour into the hollows of your cheeks ( MAC's Taupe is perfect for that, or any bronzer for that matter).

VOILA. What do you think? Really, the key to the whole technique is the cream based UNDER your foundation or whatever to really make it look like real skin that is blushing and glowing from under the makeup, not just color sitting on your skin. It is important that the pink cream blush or base is VERY bright as the foundation will tone it down and you still want to have some strong pink showing though (MAC's Pink Vivid pain stick would work, MAC's Pink Shock CCB would also, I think Illamasqua has a cream blush that would work well. Although, the paintstick is the perfect texture for this, not greasy, just perfect). I have been doing this every day since I figured it out and not deviating from these products.

Try it out and let me know how it goes and your results! Enjoy!



  1. I am soooo trying this! Your cheeks look AMAZING (even without product you have got the most amazing cheekbones :) I love the idea of the glow coming from within! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. I never thought of that before, it makes perfect sense! And I bet the Paintsick will last forever, too ;)

  3. Ahh I'm craving that paintstick!!!

  4. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!! I saw your cheek staring back at me on my blogger dashboard and almost broke my mouse cos I was clicking so hard Hahaha! I love that Beauty of Essence foundation brush. It's all I use. Total bargain! I've never used MAC paintsticks either. Hmmm ...

    This method makes sense. I'm def gonna try this tomorrow. Thanks my love xx

  5. Great tips! You've definitely got some glow going on there :)

  6. Yinka! HAHAHA i am cracking up from you, as always. You are such a damn firecracker! I love the brush also, honestly who needs an expensive foundation brush when you have this? Try out the mac paintsticks I am sure you will love it!

  7. cbsg- This for sure will last forever, its SO pigmented you only need a TINY amount!

  8. Princess Livia- This would be perfect for you! Would look amazing. Also, you can wear it as a lipstick as well!

  9. Sarah- Thank you, you are so sweet, but trust me, this is helping my cheekbones out! Try it out, let me know how it goes!

  10. I have just discovered the magic that is highlighting top of the cheekbone. I use MAC's MSF in Petticoat when I use Prim & Proper. I love the subtle flash of shimmer. I need to invest in more highlighting powders - I think I'll save up for that Dior one...

    These are great tips btw...

  11. Lexi- Thanks! the Dior one is great, a less expensive highlighter option is NARS albatross, and I love MAC's By Candlelight too!

  12. Great idea...I have to try this! I just bought the MAC mineralized skin finish: By Candlelight and it looks amazing as a highlighter:)


  13. @ Krista- Thank you!

    @ FACE IT- By Candlelight is amazing!

  14. This is gorgeous, dear! Again, that Dior Amber Diamond palette is taunting me...I need to just get it already! I'm so happy the Paintstick worked for you - I should try this, but the magenta wouldn't work for my skintone...I wonder if I can get the orange paintstick instead and try this?

  15. Hi Joey! You need the amber diamond. The paint stick is fab, maybe try the orange! Let me know how it goes.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hot, Creative, Super Styling!! :8}

  18. Awesome tip!!!

    I should get some cheek tint and experiment away! :)


  19. have you made a vidoe of this? if not...why not? this will be popular...we all want the glow :-) if you have done the video then ignore me...I will find it :-)

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