Friday, July 10, 2009

Battle of the Balms Du Jour 7.10.09

My two favorite Lip Treatments. How do they stack up?

Size Wise: Naked Honey Salve is much larger.
Scent Wise: By Terry is the winner here, I like the natural rose scent vs. the saccharine honeysuckle smell
Look Wise (on lips): BY TERRY! is the clear winner, baby pink lips? Hello!
Packaging Wise: By Terry wins this as well, gorgeous packaging
Effectiveness Wise: About even...They both hydrate really well. Naked Honey might take the lead here as the salve is multi-purpose, can be used on skin, lips, cuticles and dry spots/ rough patches.
Price Wise: Naked Honey wins this by a landslide. $18 vs $50, plus Naked Honey is much larger.
Availability Wise: By Terry. Mac Salve is Limited Edition, which means once its gone, its gone! I hate that.

As you can see they are both great products, the winner in my eyes is the By Terry Rose Baume. Two points that really take By terry ahead is the fact that it is permanent and will always be available and the look that it leaves on your lips!

Which would you pick?


  1. By Terry Rose Baume looks amazing...I have been after it since seeing it on Lollipop26's blog. The clear winner I think!

  2. I agree!! But i still love the naked honey one too!

  3. It's funny how I fancy the naked honey balm, even though i dont think i'd ever use it much (I have stashes of balms and moisturisers which will do the same which I forget to use - Yes, i'm i'm terrible!)

    The urge continues.....(you watch, there will be some post up soon featuring it...maybe, maybe not, maybe...Ahhh)

  4. Marie- I have stacks of balms, salves and stuff like that, I cant help it either!!

  5. In your opinion, is the MAC salve really moisturizing for dry lips? Or is it more like a scented vaseline in a tin?

  6. Valerie- scented vaseline, by terry is alot more moisturizing. Naked honey feels nice but i dont think it infuses my lips with moisture

  7. Both... I can never have too many lip treatments XD

  8. i wanna try out the mac one !

  9. lol - I LOVE my MAC skin salve and I don't ever see myself spending $50 on a lip balm - so for me Naked Honey from MAC wins lol. I hope they repromote it or something similar in time for when mine runs out :)