Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Illamasqua Obsession Du Jour 7.14.09

I am sure a lot of you have been hearing about the new Powdered Metals from Illamasqua so I am not going to go into the background store again buttttttt... You are hearing about it for GOOD reason. This product is TO DIE FOR! I am just absolutely loving this range. The color I have is called Thalia, on me it is a pure rose gold. I just love it, it blows everything MAC msf I have right out of the water. It is highly metallic with NO glitter. Does it get any better than that? No way!

Amazing Packaging? check!
Good price point? Check!
A lot of product for your money? Check!
Amazing pay off? Check!
Shimmer without glitter? Check!

Released at Selfridges yesterday I believe, these will blow out like the liquid metals...hurry up!


  1. rose gold is such a beautiful color. works on nearly every single skin tone.

  2. o0o, I'm going to check these out. I've been really wanting to try some of their products. Do you have any other recommendations?

    Thanks, love.

  3. I forgot to go and swatch them on Monday. I personally think they're too expensive - £22?! It's not Chanel!

    I'll ask the counter for a sample but I'll make do with the million and one other highlighters I have for the time being. The swatches I've seen aren't showing me anything new that I can't recreate with other products.

  4. That colour looks AMAZING! +SO much product for your money!

  5. Hi Belle - great post, I LOVE these products and they are def worth the money - you get a heck of a lot of product for the money!

    Also just wanted to say I'm really sorry you didn't win! Thanks so much for the fab entries to the contest, and I hope you do more for future contests too xxx

  6. I have my eyes set on Bebhionn! :)

    I 'm partly glad I 'm on a Project 5 Pan, or I 'd make another Illamasqua order! :)))


  7. I also ordered Bebhionn...Looks so amazing!!!

  8. Oh that looks beautiful. I can't wait till Illamasqua comes to Sephora.

  9. Great pictures, looks really nice, bet it would look great as an eyeshadow. I am really tempted by these but have bought so much Illamasqua lately I'm trying to be a bit more controlled :)

  10. Replica- good for you- i wish i had self control

  11. Coco- have you checked out sephora yet?

  12. Ah, P5P was a disaster... I dont think I have the patience to pull it off...

    Which reminds me, I should update about it soon... Lol! :)


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