Monday, July 13, 2009

MAC Color Craft du Jour 7.13.09

So I gave in and went to MAC to see color craft. I was scared I would buy everything, thank god I did not! I loved the MSF's but the blushes were complete glitter bombs for me, and I love glitter, so that means they are SERIOUSLY glittery! Plus a lot of the blushes were similar to the MSF's and the past Grand Duo's collection.

What did I get?
  • Sunny By Nature MSF- Almost matte bronze, perfect sheer brown on me with a slight sheen. Wonderful on me, No glitter and no orange.
  • Porcelain Pink MSF- Love this, i compare it to like a pink solar white for the face. Mine is high shine but not glitter
  • Smooth Merge MSF- whoa, perfect berry shimmer for a blush.
  • Girlish Romp MES- This was a surprise I was planning on totally passing on this, but i LOVED this color wheel.
I wanted Color Crafted lipstick but it was SOLD OUT already at the Pro store. Maybe I will pick it up if I see it around...we'll see.

What did you all pick up??


  1. Awesome haul! I got two of the blushes...I loooove shimmer/glitter on my cheeks lol but I love what you got! p.s. have you ever tried MAC's bronzer? I'm thinking of getting that instead of nars since it's quite a bit cheaper..

  2. i got girlish romp mes, madly creative lipstick, daft pink blush, hand crafted blush, improvise blush, and smooth merge msf....ahh my pocketbook cries!

  3. I got the 226 brush, 131 brush and Eclectic Edge lipglass. I will be back for the MSFs and since you said that the MB were glittery, I'm now on the fence with them if I should get them or not.

  4. I am waiting for my order to arrive but have ordered a blush and the 226. I am so on the fence about porcelian pink it's unreal. Not sure whether to order if offline, or risk going to my MAC store on sat and seeing if they still have it in stock :-/

  5. I picked up ALL of the MSFs *yikes*, Style Demon blush, Eccentricity and Natural Flare MESs, a #131 brush, 3 #226 brushes *smug grin* LOL.

    I wanted Pretty Pattern l/g, but my friend got the last one, so I'll pick that up later, if I remember.

  6. Nice haul !! I haven't try MAC products yet, but I think I'll succumb to temptation soon, they have gorgeous things !

  7. Warm Blend MSF
    Smooth Merge MSf
    Sunny by Nature MSF
    Pretty Pattern l/g (the last one *waves @ Patience* LOL)
    Style Demon blush
    Natural Flare e/s

  8. Great haul, my Mac was sold out of thew lipstick too, really want it, hopefully they might re-stock. Sunny by Nature is gorgeous

  9. GREAT haul! Love the stuff u got!

  10. I got Triple Fusion MSF - it looked like the only wearable one for me, Colour Crafted lipstick - do try get your hands on this it is gorgeous!! and Fashion Patch e/s. Now that I've seen Girlish Romp e/s it actually looks so pretty! xox

  11. haha you got two of the same msfs as me and the same eyeshadow (although I ended up with 3 eyeshadows pots in all).

  12. Nice haul, Smooth Merge is on my wishlist along with Cheeky Bronze and a few of the blushes! Still waiting (impatiently) for the Aus release *sigh*