Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MizzWorthy's Myths and Legends Entry #2

This is my 2nd entry for MizzWorthy's Myths and Legends contest, it is inspired by HERA, the Greek goddess of marriage and childbirth. Her was sister and wife to Zeus. She was known to be a fierce, vengeful and extremely jealous god, especially of Zeus's lovers. She was represented by the cow the most motherly of all animals. She also picked the peacock as to not be thought of as unattractive. She left her calling card everywhere, a peacock feather.
"In Hellenistic imagery, Hera's wagon was pulled by peacocks, birds not known to Greeks before the conquests of Alexander. Alexander's tutor, Aristotle, refers to it as "the Persian bird." The peacock motif was revived in the Renaissance iconography that unified Hera and Juno, and which European painters focused on."

Here are some inspirational images:

And here is my interpretation of the Modern Day Hera...

I got to try out the new Powdered Metal by Illamasqua in Thalia for this look. It is all over my face. I LOVE IT. It imparts like a rose gold metallic sheen so perfect!

I wish I hadn't left my camera on Long Island over the weekend so I could have better and more clear pictures, the camera does not do this look justice and washes it out. Oh well!

What do you all think? Like my peacock capelet and homemade warrior headband?
Thanks MizzWorthy for hosting such a FUN contest!


  1. And thank you belle for making this fab entry! xxx

  2. Aaaamazing!!!!!!! Lots of good luck!

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  5. Hey...i love your blog and i posted about it in my blog with a tag telling people to check yours out...but I am new and dont have any followers yet :(..check mine out....and how do i get more followers?

  6. Thanks Lola, I will def check your blog out!

  7. So so cool! I'm running out of words for you! Totally inspirational and creative, I love it