Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MITSUWA 7.14.09

For anyone obsessed with asian skin care and cosmetics Mitsuwa is a must if you live in the tri-state area. It is in Edgewater, New Jersey. I was there on a meeting last week, and had lunch at my favorite place, Baumgarts! I bought some fun things to try out, Naris Up skincare which is great. I got a few masks and "packs", an aloe moisturizer, pore gels and a cute lip balm.

Look at this packaging! I just LOVE IT!

Have any of you been to a japanese market? What is your favorite product?


  1. I like Japanese oil based makeup removers. They work pretty well :)

    Is that lip balm? so cute!!!

  2. i've never used japanese skincare products, but judging by most japanese womens skin, their products must be amazing, they all have great skin.

  3. Shaz- I know right? they have amazing skin! It is probably genetic though :(