Thursday, July 9, 2009

In's and Out's 7.9.09

  • Being a Finalist in MizzWorthy's Myths and Legends Contest sponsored by Illamasqua and judged by Alex Box herself! See here.... What an honor in itself! Check me out.
  • Illamasqua coming to the STATES!! July 21st online at and July 30th at the Times Square store in NYC. I guess i will have to break my NO TIMES SQUARE EVER rule for Illamasqua. I can not wait to see the range in person! How exciting, now all us girls state side can revel in the most innovative makeup line to hit the streets!
  • My new bracelet that Steph bought me! How awesome is this?!?! So up my alley, she knows me almost too well. It's scary
  • New Illamasqua Powdered Metals in Thalia. Wow, what can I say about this besides WOW! This blows every highlighting powder and MAC MSF out of the water. This is a pure rose gold metallic powder. Best part about it? NO GLITTER! Just a high octane SHEEN! I will post pictures and a review soon!
  • Going to LA on Monday and Palm Springs on Wednesday. I cant wait to have some quality time with my Steph.
  • Mitsuwa in New Jersey, it is a Japanese market with the most amazing imports for skincare and makeup. I got a load of fun Japanese stuff that I will be sharing with you too. Also some GREAT green tea and cherry blossom tea's! You know me and my asian stuff...LOVE IT!
  • My Trip to london, I need more advice from you guys on skin care and makeup. So for I got, Liz earle, Barry M, Gosh, Neal's Yard, Obvioulsy Illamasqua, Sleek, Eyeko, what else do I need to check out and where shall i go? Is there one place that has all of this? Superdrug? Boots? Help me london ladies!!!
  • KABIRI SALE when I am in London! I LOVEEEEEE Kabiri! Check it out here!
  • BLANK Denim...great price point and great fit. Fantastic!
  • Sushi, I am really jonesing for Sushi at my favorite resturant! Momoya.
  • Being absolutley exhausted!
  • Leaving my camera on Long Island.
  • NOT having summer fridays! :(
  • Loads of work.
What's going on with you guys??


  1. I think you can only get Liz Earle stuff online but I could be wrong. Maybe they opened a store in London I don't know about?You should check out a Boots or Superdrug, you could go mad in there, there's loads of brands to choose from

  2. thanks Liparazzi- they have opened up a store in London! I will be checking both boots and superdrug out!

  3. HI, Love your blog :) Superdrug is best for the cheaper brands, Eyeko, Barry M, Sleek etc. . . and you will need to check out Selfridges for the Ilamasqua :)

  4. I was just about to tell you what Rosie said! Superdrug will be beyond awesome for drugstore stuff, they have huge Gosh sections and Barry M is there too. Gosh is fantastic value for money so put that at the top of your list in there! :)
    Debenhams is a good department store where you'd find higher end brands such as Chanel, Dior, MAC, Illamasqua...


  5. Lydia- thanks! I for sure will be stopping by superdrug? any recommendations on which is the best?

  6. Liz Earle now has a shop in Duke of York Sq which is just off Kings rd - definitely go there as you should take a stroll down Kings Rd. Unfortunately there aren't many individual stores on it these days, but there's a fair old selection (including a Neal's Yard) and it's a very London street to go and enjoy! Peter Jones is in Sloane Sq a the top of Kings rd if you want a slightly nicer department store experience than Debenhams (think Bloomingdales vs Macys!)

    Superdrug is often better on 'drugstore makeup' than Boots I think and most branches should have Barry M, Sleek and GOSH.

    Make sure you visit some pubs - the one thing I think I missed when I was living in NYC was english pubs.

  7. Ondine- thank you so much for the info!! I love pubs too!! Fish and chips!

  8. Awesome awesome bracelet!

    Congrats on being an Illamasqua finalist too! :)


  9. Liz Earle's range of skincare is sooooo good! I use the Cleanse and Polish. You can get it from her flagship store off Kings Road or you can get it from John Lewis (which is on Oxford Street, it's a huge department store, you won't miss it!)

    Superdrug is a MUST - Barry M, Gosh, Sleek and all the good ones. The best Superdrug in central London is the one near Marble Arch Station and the one in Bond Street Station (all on Oxford Street). Selfridges is a must go as well. It has ALL the high end make up stands (including Illamasqua) and the store is fabulous. it's the coolest department store in London. It's also on Oxford Street, you can't miss it either. Liberty's is a really really nice department store as well - they sell the luxury niche products as well as the well known ones. That's next to Carnaby Street which is 2 mins away from Oxford Street.

    Basically, the point of my post is that you can find all of the shops on Oxford Street! All of the stores websites have addresses of each shop location so it's best to mark everything on a map and take some comfy shoes cos Oxford Street is a LONG road!!

  10. Lamiat- thank you so much for your thoughtful and helpful post!!! I am very familiar with Selfridges and Liberty!

  11. Just been out of action from the internet these days and all the lovely ladies above - their recs are great!.....Hope you got my email too with other recs....have a great time!