Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 7.15.09

New obsession...a store. Blue Mercury. This is on Long Island near my home town. This store started in the DC area the SA told me. It is such a great diverse store. They have EVERYTHING related to beauty. It is amazing. I got some nice goodies by NARS and a few other things. I will show you in the upcoming posts.

What's your fave beauty store?


  1. I don't know if it counts as a beauty store, I guess it can, I just love Lush! It smells so good and I always want everything!
    Other than that trusty Boots always has anything I need!

  2. ugh i had a horrible experience at a blue mercury. i went there for the first time last winter and was told about a xmas party where you got like 8 trillion free samples if you spend $100. the sales girl showed me a display of i kid you not, three shoe boxes full of samples, a full size nars loose powder among other things. i must have asked a dozen times if i REALLY got all that stuff if i spent $100 becusae i just could not believe it! so i went back theday i could preorder and ordered some nars and skincare and spent over $100. I was told i was guarenteed all the free goodies since i pre ordered. day of xmas party comes, and i went out of my way to this store to pick up my stuff. all that was in my bag was my purchases, and some baby skin care samples,. when i asked staff there what the deal was they acted like they didnt know what i was talking about. the display had since been taken down. i described the stuff i had been promised and the people there just totally played dumb. i asked different staff and eventually just felt embarrassed to be so annoying in front of so many other customers. i finally got someone to get me the nars powder. but that was all i got. i sent a long email about this to the customer service email listed on their site where they guarantee a response within 24 hrs. never got one. i actually re sent it just in case and never got a response then either. ugh sorry to ramble for so long, but ever since i have refused to go to blue mercury, and it sucks cuz they have great stuff!

  3. Kim- Wow that is AWFUL! I would have returned EVERYTHING right away. That would def persuade me from not going there ever again. I am sorry about that experience!