Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amazing Cosmetics Du Jour 11.19.09

I am very new to this product line. I found it while perusing sephora in Soho during one lunch hour. It had the allure stamp of approval and usually I wind up liking most products with the winning Allure stamp. Anyway, before I took the plunge and bought this concealer (one of the most expensive concealers I have ever tried) I read some reviews, there are not that many on this cosmetic line but they seemed good and I decided to go for it.

I snatched up the mini size for $28 , even that is a lot for this little tube, the bigger one is $42. Anyway, after spending so much on a tiny tube I was expecting major things from this! I picked up the color Medium Beige. This is the perfect color for me. I do think the color range is very limited though. Check it out here... sephora

My review? I have mixed feelings, I think it is WAY too expensive for what it is. However, I really kinda love it! It is creamy and never cakey, the peach undertone conceals the blue in my under eye circles very well. It never settles into my fine lines or cakes up which is SUPER important. I would definitley re-purchase this when i run out because I really do like it! The application is tricky because you literally need one DOT for under your whole eye area. it is very concentrated and pigmented. if you would more then this then it would be cakey and thick. I use the size of a q-tip head. Also this conserves the product. I use my CVS make up brush and dot it under my eyes and blend it.

Has anyone else tried this brand? I do not want to recommend it because of the sheer insanity of how expensive it is but it is really great, but i would recommend that there is another discount code for sephora to grab this baby!


  1. I have used this for about a year. It's great for under eyes, but too oily for blemishes I think. It covers well, but makes them worse from the mineral oil that is in it.

  2. The mineral oil is what makes it so creamy, thats why i only use under my eyes!

  3. I have been using this for nearly two plus years. Just on occasion for my undereyes and tiny blemishes that i may want to hide, my tubes really havent finished because you need to use such tiny amounts of it! never the less I do like it better than any other concealer :) x