Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Favorites 11.25.09

I have noticed these Monthly Favorites posts. I really love reading other peoples so I figured I would do mine. I will do two posts for this. One monthly staples and one month favorites... Does that even make sense? My staples are what I have been using every day and cant live without for the month, but that may not be my monthly favorites? Maybe I should just keep it simple and do my favorites! What do you all think?

Monthly Favorites:
- MSFN in Medium- This is a staple
- NARS Laguna Bronzer- Another staple
- MAC 227 Brush- this is my favorite eye brush, its magic!
- MAC e/s in SMUT- I am considering this a staple, perfect brown for me, as a liner, lid color, crease color...everything. perfect
- MAC Blush in SuperDuper Natural
- Jemma Kid Rose Gold Creme Highlighter
-MAC Cream Color base in Pearl
- DDF Glycolic Toner
- Body Shops Coconut Oil Hair Balm
- NARS Luxor Multiple- review coming up. LOVING THIS!
- Neosporin Overnight Lip Treatment- hg material right here
- NARS Jungle Red Lipstick.

I would love to hear what you are all loving this month. Please comment below!


  1. ohhhh i love nars' laguna! it's the perfect bronzer!

  2. Great Post!!
    WHat is Nars Jungle Red like!? I'd love to see you wearing it!!! :)

  3. Sarah- I will post a picture, its a fabulous red!

  4. Awesome November favorites! I would love to own the 227 brush to use it as a highlight brush!

  5. Fab- I love the 227 to highlight, it is great. It is one of my most used brushes

  6. U like seeing what others choose.