Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Buying Biz trip in London Help du Jour 11.11.09

I am going to London for Work (Buying and Sales appts) next week and I don't want to stay at the Sanderson or St. Martins Lane again.

Do any of you UK ladies have a good suggestion? I am looking for elegant and luxurious. We are holding sales appointments, the fashion director of Selfridge's and Harrods will be there so it has to be nice....

Preferably in Knightsbrigde...

Any ideas?


  1. Not Knightsbridge but The Lanesborough on Hyde Park Corner is my fave, and very classy. x

  2. I live in Knightsbridge! I like the Mandarin Oriental or even better, THE BERKELEY!! Both have amazing bars so you can even have meeting in a quiet yet pretty surrounding.. both are a walking distance in heels from harrods..PERFECT!

  3. I would second The Berkeley for sure. Quiet and intimate, tucked away. But elegant with a gorgeous bar, great afternoon tea and roof pool (though freezing now!)

    If you fancy a coffee let me know! : D

  4. Moodeve- I would love to but this time will be too tight for any personal fun :( strictly work with the president!

    I will however sneak off to buy some makeup!!

  5. Yup, another vote for the Berkley - I spent a lovely weekend enjoying the luxury there (despite only living down the road in Kensington at the time!)

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