Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Korres Tinted Moisturizer Du Jour 11.4.09

I found a product that I love love love love!

Since buying Korres Watermelon Tinted Moisturizer I have not put foundation on my face once. It is amazing. I love this stuff. I use concealer and the TM to even out my skin tone and I am out the door. I have used Laura Mercier's TM since 11th grade. It is safe to say I do not think I will be buying it has often anymore. Laura Mercier's is a bit sheerer and gives a more glowy finish.

Korres TM is a pigmented formula but very light and dries to a matte finish. I am probably the odd one out here but I do not like the smell at all. Thankfully once it dries down the smell completely vanishes. It smells faintly of watermelons, hence the name Watermelon Tinted Moisturizer. Anyway, this formula is SO pigmented for such a light feeling. One thing you should know about this formula is that is dries VERY quickly therefore you need to do your face in sections. I love how little you need of this product. I actually use a lotion first and the TM over is, it makes spreading quick and easy. However, even though this is a tinted moisturizer I still need moisturizer, I do not think it is that moisturizing which is okay because that is not the purpose I am using this for. I love the brand Korres, I love that it is an all natural, chemical free brand, it is quickly rising to the top of my list.

Blended out on the right portion

I cant wait to test out some new Korres skincare products! What are your favorites


  1. I love the Wild Rose Foundation which gives such a radiance - with coverage - yet still looking natural. The TM was too oily for my combo skin!

    Other things I absolutely love are the powder blushes. My fave is #15 Natural. Gives enough that great slight bronzed colour with just enough shimmer - natural looking. The closest I can relate it to is MAC's Trace Gold but it's better IMO!. I also have #45 and #18 Peach.

    Wanting to try more out from this line - the silky smooth e/s and e/l. Wish they had a bit more colour range - or maybe I already have enough in my collection!

  2. I ADORE this tinted moisturiser - the coverage it gives is fab for a TM!

  3. Wow, good to know. I will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for the review!

  4. moodeve- maybe i will try out the blushes

  5. Also what I like about it is that it contains tumeric- a hot new ingredient here in the Western World (whereas anyone from India will tell you the wonders of using it for all skin ailments _and the learned from their mothers, who learned from their mothers...) It is really great for acne,psoriasis,and has been proven to lighten skin discoloration and scarring better than the precrip skin bleaching agent. I predict this ingredient to be hot this year (it's in a foreign version of a clinique product, in a a few new products from DDF, and also in the new NARS foundations ("sheer matte" and "sheer glow" formulations and their new concealor...but THIS tinted moist has a large percentage of the extract and I believe works better than the others on the market at the moment...HORRAY for research...and looking to natural sources that have worked for centuries to make us all naturally beautiful!!!)