Friday, November 6, 2009

Fresh Sugar Face Polish Du Jour 11.6.09

This is an oldie but goodie.

I am a huge fan of fresh body products. I absolutley LOVE the smell.
This is a very gentle sugar scrub/ exfoliator. The grains are very fine and it smells like a mix of lemons and sugar. It also contains strawberry enzymes that help to exfoliate. I really like the packaging, it is a ceramic/ porcelain tub. I like this but many people might not as it can drop and crack. I love the apothecary feel of it.

I usually like a harsher scrub but this is great when you are feeling your skin needs some TLC.

Almost done...

Have you tried Fresh products?


  1. I love their sugar lychee fragrance! Never tried the actual beauty products though. Love your posts, this blog is such a fun read. Looking forward to the jewelry too ;)

  2. I like a product called "zum scrub" in lemongrass that smells very similar to this, although I think the texture is really different. Zum scrub is completely organic and is only $12!

  3. That looks really nice, I've only ever had really harsh facial scrubs before which might have put me off a bit because they're a bit tricky to work with.

  4. Kay- that sounds nice...what brand is it?

  5. skarlet- I usually go for the harsher scrubs as well..