Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scorpios Du Jour 11.4.09

Happy Birthday to all Scorpios! Mine is on the 20th! True Scorpio here...

Does everyone know the story of the Scorpion?

"A Scorpion needed a lift across the lake and asked frog to carry him there on his back.
The frog said No because if he did that scorpion would sting him and he would die.
The Scorpion replied that he would not sting the frog because then they would both die because the Scorpion could not swim.
So the Frog agreed. Half way across the lake, the Scorpion stings the Frog.
The Frog asked the Scorpion why he did that because now they are both going to die.
The Scorpion replied, I could not help it. It is my nature."

Any other scorpios out there?