Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nars Multiples Du Jour 11.11.09

During the friends and family sephora sale I snagged one of these sets. I love NARS multiples SO much. I think they are a fantastic multi purpose product. Anyway, on to the set, it is a great deal for $40 (One normal Multiple is $37). You get Orgasm, South Beach and Copacabana.

This set is GREAT for trying out a bunch of colors. Although VALUE wise It is not so hot. You get a little bit of product for each multiple. Since the Multiple is a emollient product it will go very fast. I think in total you get a little bit under the the amount combined if you were to buy a full multiple. I am happy I bought this because I would never use up a whole South beach as it is a shimmery bronzer (nice for summer though!). I am loving orgasm, and this is my second Copacabana. One of my favorite all time products!

Anyway, these little guys are SO CUTE!

Comparing the size of a full sized multiple for the mini...

Pushed all the way up

Colors swatched.

With Flash.

Next on my list to buy...LUXOR (I am also eye NARS Jungle Red Lipstick).
(I probably will be scoop this up next week with the VIB 20% discount event).


  1. So cute! I never used a whole multiple up so the smaller sizes make sense to me!!

  2. Tali- makes a lot of sense if you are like me and have way too many products and therefore never use that much up!

  3. sooo cute. they remind me of mark's just pinched. theyre pretty tiny too.

  4. they are super cute!!

    Belle, have you seen the Pop Life velvet matte pencil? New from Holiday collection. If not, you should. It's gorgeous esp. with Babe gloss on top!! It looks great on lots of skin tones. Both my friend and i got it and we're polar opposites in terms of skin tone.

  5. That's a great idea for a present actually!
    They are pretty tiny, but lovely! :)


  6. I have these 3 Multiples in full size and I love them, even if I find Orgasm a little bit too shimmery. I can't wait to try Luxor,it looks amazing on the promotional pictures,One of the first things to check next time I go abroad ;-)

  7. lipstick rules- I will have to check it out, do you have a review on your blog?