Friday, November 13, 2009

Urban Decay Du Jour 11.13.09

Urban Decay's friends and family sale is going on right now. Is there anything you guys have been eye-ing up? I am a big fan of Urban Decay, I love what they stand for, cruelty free makeup. I love the name and I have loved it since I bought my first eyeshadow from them back in like 8th grade. I also have a faint memory of buying something with the name mildew...nail polish maybe?

I am trying to hold myself back from ordering but that obviously will not work.

What I have been wanting and will be ordering...
- Lipstick in Revolution, I am loving red lately and this one looks very glossy.
- Creme Shadow in Rodeo Cowboy (Asphalt, I wanted this but saw an awful review on chunkiness).
- 24/7 Liner in Underground

I am sure you have read about the code, but in case you havent here it is... FNFW1

I just love taupes, anything with the name taupe gets me...
Any insight into any of these products? I will post again when I receive.


  1. Underground is my only eyeliner by Urban Decay and I definitely want more :-) It's a metallic shimmery brown, not the usual flat color and it adds something to the eyes when you apply it. I think you'll love it :-)

  2. Ohh if I could take advantage of the F&F I'd definitely get the 24/7 Super Stash and the Book of Shadows Vol II. And maybe a lippie or two, LOL

  3. Vanessa- I am looking forward to trying it!

  4. Marce- they dont ship internationally?