Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Skincare du Jour: DDF 11.17.09

During the friends and family sale i picked up two new products that I have heard about but have never tried from DDF. I know the brand is a very reputable skin care brand. I wanted to try these two things for some while before reviewing. It is safe to say i will never be without them again. I absolutely love them. I picked up the Glycolic 10% Toning Complex ($35) and the Sulfur Therapeutic Mask ($38). Let me tell you a little about each one first and then I will get into the results.

Lets talk about the Glycolic toning complex.

The packaging is very clean and sterile, plain but that is how I like my skin care. This is a toner, meant to be used after your cleanser. I put this on a cotton pad and wipe all over my face. At first there is a slight tingle and then it feels cooling, i love how it feels. the best part is the result, after one night of using it i noticed a difference. After two weeks there has been a major improvement in the texture and quality of my skin. It has been unbelievably smoother, refined and more moisturized. Over time it also helps with fine lines which i love!

From DDF's website:

"Formulated with glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid known to help increase surface cellular turnover. Promotes clarity and immediately revitalizes skin’s appearance.

  • Minimizes appearance of wrinkle lines
  • Refines skin texture
  • Visibly decreases look of pore size"

Next lets talk about the Sulfur Mask, this is more of a treatment.

This is similar to Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask. However, this one is stronger and weirdly enough smells amazing! I love it. It is expensive but it will last you FOREVER, it is HUGE. Anyway, this stuff is amazing, you can use it as an overnight spot treatment or a mask. I had a spot one night, a big ugly red one, i put this on overnight and in the morning it was not painful and half the size. I wont like it wasn't magic it didn't disappear (never happens) but this made a MAJOR improvement!

From DDF's website:

"A clay mask or spot treatment with sulfur and purified clays to absorb oil and help keep pores clear.

  • Absorbs oil
  • Helps keep pores clear
  • Clears blemishes"

I would recommend both of these products highly to oily skinned or dry skinned people. I have very dry skin and this has not dried it out and all. Actually the Glycolic toner has moisturized by skin and prepped it to absorb moisturizer even better.

Please let me know if any of you all have tried out this brand and what you think. I will never be without these products again!