Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chanel Du Jour 10.28.09

I used the Saks Friends and Family sale as a sign that it was time to re-purchase my HG foundation, Chanel Vitalumiere and indulge in 2 Chanel Rouge Lacque in Ming and Red Dragon.

Red Dragon and Ming. (With and Without Flash, With flash is more of the true color)

Initial thoughts, Red Dragon is INSANE. Probably, most gorgeous red I have ever laid eyes on.
Ming is nice, although I am not as WOW'd by it as I am by Red Dragon.

The Chanel Lacque's are a mix between a gloss and a lipstick. There is no need to ever wear lipstick if you have this. I wish all my favorite colors came in the formulation. I love it, it is long lasting, not drying and beyond pigmented. It is a gorgeous formula. The above swatches are literally a dab of the product. I think this product will last a long time because you need SO little. Definitely no need to double dip your wand!

The packaging is right up my alley, all black, super luxe and has a good bit of weight to it. It make it feel like a luxury product.

And Obviously, we know I love love love Vitalumiere.

In depth reviews to come.


  1. I'm curious about Vitalumiere. I have Pro Lumiere and not sure I love it. I think it kind of oxidizes by end of day. My HG foundation seems to be Diorskin nude.

    I have to check out that red Lacque.

  2. After your thumbs down review of Sheer Glow I was wondering what your favourite foundation is - and you read my mind. Another one for me to research and investigate I think as I need a new one, asap!

  3. Lipstick- I love Vita- it is very very moisturizing though, if you do not have super dry skin then I would not recommend vitalumiere.

  4. Ondine- My favorite foundation is Vitalumiere, hands down.

  5. I have been using it for over 6 years now!

  6. I recently purchased Chanel Rouge Laque in Ming, I love the formulation, it applies like a dream! I didn't find it very long lasting though...

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