Friday, October 9, 2009

Hair Color Change Du Jour 10.9.09

Tomorrow is the day.

I am finally getting my hair done. I am going for a change. Right now I am a dirty blonde. I want to go a lot lighter. I am going for a cool toned buttery light blonde with baby blonde/ almost platinum, but not, highlights. I have not found the "Perfect" example yet, but here are a few inspiration pictures. It goes from my #1 favorite and down. 

My all time my favorite/ girl crush/ style Icon... I just LOVE Theodora Richards. She is the ultimate for me. Perfect combo of fashion/rocker chic/ bohemian. I adore her. This is the closest I have found to perfect hair color. Not too yellowy. I hate yellow blonde hair!

Kate Hudson, you all know my love for her...

Sienna...she is gorgeous. She looked outstanding in Alfie. So sexy, love the hair style and color.

Rachel Zoe... Eh okay... I like the light locks, I want to highlight with that color. I met her in LA in person and she is so sweet and VERY funny! I am a big fan of hers!

Gwyenth Paltrow...hate her...I like her hair here.
Marisa Miller...epitome of bombshell. I will just take her face, hair and body!

Which is your favorite? What do you guys think?
Wish me luck!!!!


  1. I like Theodora Richards' hair best! Good luck..can't wait to see it!

  2. yeah she is just the coolest ever! thanks!!!

  3. Oooh how exciting!!! I love Kate Hudsons the most, but all are such beautiful blondes!
    Good luck!!!!

  4. I love Platinum BLOND! I think all those girls blond is HOT but you should go even LIGHTER =)

  5. there's something about blond hair bombshells.. too bad my hair is jet black naturally so blond is a really high maintenance color

  6. Hollywod- I like it too but it would be too porn star ish for me, i dont want the color of a playboy bunny girl next door :)

  7. Blovet- my hair is light naturally so its okay but it sitll is upkeep for me too!

  8. Love Sienna's and Kate's hair...
    Theodora has the best hairstyle though... and that colour is insane - but probably the most difficult to achieve! Good luck dear!


  9. TIna- thank you! It turned out great, I will post pics tomorrow!