Wednesday, October 7, 2009

VAE Du Jour 10.7.09

Okay Okay, so I know there is so much about this exfoliator. Some people love it and some people hate it. At first I was determined to not buy it and hate it. I hate limited edition skin care products, i mean what is the point. It is SO stupid. Your skin gets used to something and loves it and then you cant get it anymore? Makes NO sense to me.

Anyway, I got a sample from MAC and I tried. I know, bad bad idea. Unfortunately, I LOVED it and bought a full sized tube. I used it a little unconventionally. I love super scrubbing, which is probably bad for my skin but I just love the grainier scrubs and this one fits the bill. 

I clean my face, towel dry a bit and squirt a blob onto my face and rub it. I keep the consistency is pretty dry as to get maximum scrubbing action. It reminds me of he filling of chocolate mud pie.  The smell is herbally, I know alot of people hate it but I like it. This scrub really makes my skin baby smooth and that is a feat in itself. I guess I will be needing to stock up on this and hoard away.

What are your thoughts on VAE?


  1. Keeping it dry is def. the way to go! Otherwise the scrubbies are non existent...Hopefully MAC will make ths line perm. as I am in LOVE with the mask! :)

  2. i agree, its sad that skincare items are LE!

  3. The new version is less grainy than the original but fortunately it still gives my skin the same effect.
    The thermal mask is on point too. I ordered a back up yest and I'm using them so sparingly!! I totally agree about LE skincare - utter stupidity! I don't know why make doesn't just make them both perm, they'd easily be their most successful skincare items!

  4. I LOVE this stuff. I might have to get a backup!

  5. Vex- It is such silly. I think it depends which tube you get because I have felt the old one but this one gives me a better scrub. They added silica beads to this one. I just ordered the thermal mask to try out...i hope i dont love that too :(

  6. Aleksis- I find it works great this way! I just ordered the mask to test it out!