Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sake and Sushi Sail Du Jour 10.11.09

About 3 weeks ago it was my boyfriends birthday. As a special birthday dinner I got us tickets on the Morimoto Sake and Sushi Sail. Morimoto is a famous sushi resturant in NYC. (Hello? Iron Chef America... Morimoto, I love the Food Network). Anyway, it was a 2 hour sail down the hudson river with 10 rounds of Sushi and 5 sake tasting prepare by Morimoto. It was amazing. We had perfect weather....Have a look!

My boyfriend...


  1. Thanks Krista, I am glad you enoy these random posts ;)

  2. Sushi and a sail trip, couldn't get any better!!! :)


  3. What a great date idea! I love when you post pics of the city, in instantly inspires me to make it there one day :) I'm sure the BF loved it, prob had little hearts in his eyes like on the cartoons :)

  4. Best city in the world!! LOVE that last picture. What a lovely treat for The Boyf - love the elusive shots of him too, tres mysterious! LOL