Friday, October 23, 2009

Obsession Du Jour 10.23.09: Shu Uemura BG907

So you all know my love for my YSL Rouge Volupte in #2, Nude Silk or something like that. Well I found a dupe for half the price with longer lasting power. YES!

Shu Uemura BG907. This is my favorite color lipstick. It is a nude pale pink, but does not give you the concealer lip look. It is described on Sephora's website as pink nude. Pretty right on! It adds a HINT of warmth but still very nude and neutral. I am loving it. I have been wearing it non stop for a week now, I bought this a while back and havent really tested it out much untill recently. I also bought another one that I will test out later on. Shopping my stash is always a good thing.

I am such a fan of this color, it is a miracle worker. It is that PERFECT color for my complexion. Do you know what i mean? A color that just instantly makes you look brighter, your complexion better? Yeah, this is an HG product for me, will NEVER be without this one!

With flash.
Without flash.

The consistency is creamy but not as creamy as YSL that is definitely why it lasts longer. Also @ $23 dollars it is $11 less than the YSL, which is pretty significant! Also, it has zero scent which might be a plus or negative depending on your preference

I will definitely be pick up some more of Shu's lipstick. I am really liking it.
In my opinion this is an absolute must have if you are into nudes and pinks!

Have any of you tried Shu's lipsticks?


  1. Never tried the suh's lipstick but this color looks awsome =)

  2. oooooo i wanna get this now

  3. Oooh I like it,it really suits you hun x

  4. Beautiful! I have two Shu Uemura lipsticks and my favourite is the PK312 from last spring Pink Collection. It's described as a "dark pink with yellow tint". I'm still unsure if I like the consistency of the lipstick, I usually prefer something creamier.

  5. This definitely seems like something I want to try. Plus with 20% off at Sephora what's there to lose??

  6. Hollywood- give them a try!

    Legs- Are you going to check it out?

    Vanessa- I quite like the texture, its creamy but not as much as the YSL.

  7. Shu discontinued BG 907...which I LOVED! I'm almost out and I've been looking for the same color with other brands, but seem to not find the exact look. I did purchase Nars lipgloss "turkish delight" since that's what Kim Kardashian wears over "Angel" MAC lipstick, but it's still not the same as Shu BG907. Any suggestions??

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