Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jewels Du Jour 10.21.09

Hello Ladies- so ass you know my other love besides beauty/ cosmetics is jewelry!

Rosewood beaded bracelets made by me. Vintage gold scarab bracelet from Egypt.

Well after much deliberation I am finally doing it and starting my own jewelry line with my best friend, Stephanie, you all have seen many pictures of her. I have been making jewelry for years and finally we have gathered enough motivation to do it.

I am always covered in jewelry and am constantly being stopped and asked about it, so I mind as well go for it. We have a name and all but once we are set up with a website you guys will be the first to know about it (thanks for all the encouragement and questions on where to buy my beaded bracelets- you will now have a place!)

Quick blackberry shots of my various jewelry worn on a daily basis:

My panther ring!

The two rosewood beaded bracelets and the black one, woven silk cord and rhinestones to the most right are made by me.

The first woven chain (silk thread, silver chain and rhinestone) and the last rhinestone bracelet is made by me.
Leather, Chain and Rhinestone Woven cuff made by me.
Made by Hermes, I wish I made that one... HA!

I will let you all know how it goes... watch here for more news. I probably will make a new blog with my best friend for all Jewelry related news as not to bore the few of you that aren't interested.


  1. The Jewellery looks amazing, well done you for making them!You are very talented...can't wait for the website launch...hope you can ship to UK! ha ha xx

  2. Hi Lip, I am sure we will ship internationally!
    Thank you for the compliment!

  3. I love how you're wearing the bracelets stacked around your watch, my watch is new so I'd be afraid of scratching it! Good luck with your website.

  4. where do you go to buy the rosewood beads & the charms that you use to make your bracletes?

  5. Erin- I will let you all know as soon as the website is ready to go!

  6. Becky- the wood will not scratch it! thank you though ;)

  7. Glam- I collect them from all over...

  8. PS: My word verification for my comment above was "styles", I 'd take it as a good sign! :)


  9. Dar, I can't believe you made all those pieces, cannot wait to purchase every single one! You're amazing! xoxo ry and I miss you :(!

  10. What's the gold ring you're wearing?