Wednesday, October 14, 2009

List Du Jour 10.14.09

Here is my list... I need to cut it down though. I am capping myself at $150.
A lot on this list is re-fills. What are you guys getting? Any must haves?


  1. Excellent list, makes me really wish I really want the dior lip glow, a (large) handful of MAc shadows, Urban decay primer potion, 2 faced shadow insurance, smashbox artists palette, Kat Von D makeup, Korres ites Illamasqua, Ure shadow, the cranberry(Mac) dupe, Estee Lauder refil lipstick, refills of Bodyshop seaweed range...oh.. i ought to stop there before i fill up all your comment space...

    Needless to say it is larger than it was and seems to be getting bigger rather than smaller!!

  2. I didnt know stila has KITTEN in smudge pot!!!!

  3. when does the sale start again?

    more NARS blushes, juice beauty apple peel, laura mercier's creme brulee souffle, shiseido mascara base... we'll see if i can cap it off. =D

  4. haha... very cute :)

    I will be getting some YSL lipsticks and the best of Make Up Forever set, maybe couple NARS eye shadow duos!

  5. I always keep a list and update it all the time...quite a few of the things you listed are on my list list too!

  6. Ohhh that is one niceee list! Can't wait to see everything once you recieve it- it will be like Christmas morning for you when that Postman comes a-knockin' :)

  7. oh my god i was yesterday at sephora, i only bought 2 OPI nail laquers:( you have more needs and inspiration! :) hi nice list

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