Thursday, October 22, 2009

Eyeko Du Jour 10.22.09

I have had this product for a bit now. I picked these up when I was last in London which was in August. The packaging is really cute and the price point is great. This is another UK drugstore goodie. Again, WHY DO WE HAVE NOTHING LIKE THIS?

Anyway, on to the product... I bought the highlighter and Bronzer. The first time I used it I used it with my fingers and I hated it. The second time I used a MAC stippling brush and I loved it. I do not use them together. I have used the highlighter as a base to my makeup and I like it alot, I also use it after my makeup is done just along the high planes of my cheek bones.

The bronzer is only good if you use it with a brush also, again, this one I apply after my initial makeup has been applied. I apply it to the same places as I apply regular bronzing powder. I love me a good bronzing product. I guess you could say this is the poor mans Chanel Universal of my favorite products.

I really like both products, I do not find them overly glittery just shimmer which I like. The price is great, You can not beat the price actually!

The texture is slightly, um, wierd, but I like it. It is an almost gel-like slash mouse. It jiggles.
Blobbed on...
Blended in... very subtle
Has anyone tried this? I am sure all you UK girls have tried it!


  1. I have them both and I like them but I just never seem to reach for them when I am getting ready? Maybe I should make more effort!

  2. Eyeko :) I'm sure for every drugstore brand we have, you have one that we cant get. NYX is coming over soon.. we havent had Elf for long.. dont thing we get Stila anymore, or covergirl. I might put some Eyeko on my blog sale. Havent yet decided if I hve dupes or not. They are good products though and the packaging is lovely.
    Emma :)

  3. Sarah, I am so lazy too! too much effort!

  4. Emma- In my opinion NYX is overrated, its good but not as good as Gosh, Barry M, Sleek etc... Elf is great though!

  5. Oh, I think I'd really like these! I like the sounds of the texture too.
    The UK has the BEST stuff over there!
    LOL @ "the poor mans Chanel Universal Bronzer"


  6. These really look fun...I would try them...We don't have enough cool drugstore brands like that....kinda sad...

  7. I have got both of these and really like the shimmery one! I always get Eyeko stuff from the Clothes Show in Birmingham in December - you should come over and pay a visit, all the stuff is sooo much cheaper than the shops :) xxx

  8. I got it while in London this summer and I haven't used it yet, I keep forgetting it at the bottom of my drawer :-)

  9. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog ♥ I swatched these two at Superdrug a few months back, but I thought it was really.. sticky. Much like hairgel. I didn't want it on my hand long enough to see how quickly it dries... Do these feel heavy on your face at all? How quickly does it dry once applied? xx

  10. Princesa- No, they are not sticky or heavy on the skin, very light honestly!