Friday, October 9, 2009

Sleek Part 2 Du Jour 10.9.09

It seems like alot of you are really interested in Sleek, as you SHOULD be. I can not sing enough praises to the grade of the quality of the products and the low prices.

Anyway, next up is the Sleek Pout Polish. I liken this to MAC's tinted Lip conditioners. This glosses are like lip balms mixed with lip gloss in a pot. They are SUPER pigmented which is great. My favorite is the coral one below. It is very glossy and very pigmented on its own. Over a red or orange based lipstick I am sure it would look great. The lasting power on these is not so great, they will wear off after an hour or two, and I do not see this lasting through a meal. Yet, for the low price tag and the high quality of pigmentation I can not complain to much. As for the packaging, I really like it. I know alot of people are not fans of pots though. I am in the minority and love pots ( um hello tendertones?!?!)

I wish they made a baby pink or a true nude. I would DIE for one of those. Sleek, do you hear me?!?! You need those two colors!

Have any of your tried these yet?


  1. I really like the look of these but the colours don't appeal to me much. I agree with you - a baby pink or a nude would be lovely!!

  2. Hmm these have been out for a few weeks now but I don't want any. I prefer the MAC tendertones and I know you love those babies too! LOL

  3. Yinka- my love has no boundaries for the tendertones. EZ Baby is my ULTIMATE!!!!

  4. I want them to be more milky!!! :/ Then i would try them!

  5. Tali- Yeah they need a milky pink color! the coral is gorgeous if you like a pop of color....

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