Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obsession du Jour 10.8.09

MAC Lady Danger is an orangey red, usually a color I HATE. Ironically, I love this color and really flatters my skin tone. I am loving wearing this.
It is a very matte lipstick formulation. I am loving wearing this with ripped jeans and a white t to dress it down.

How do you wear red lips?


  1. Haha! I'm working my way up to it!

  2. it took me a long time, and i still rarely wear it out!

  3. I don't wear red because It doesn't look good on me but that red on you is fab!!!

  4. I 've never tried such a bright red lip...usually I 'm all about the berry reds or the deep violets (always with some black and some leather on the outfit, lol), but mayyybe it's time to give a true red a try...! ;)

    Feeling inspired after this post!


  5. Gorge! Always wanted to wear red..but never quite dared (or known exactly which red will suit me)