Monday, October 5, 2009

Mac Style Black 10.5.09

Better late then never.

You probably have scene the whole blogosphere a buzz with Style Black. Yes, this is my favorite collection since... I don't even remember. I love the smokey eye products. Quick run down, The MES are buttery soft with tons of shimmer. The VAE is HG material, further review coming up. The nail polishes... eh, so so. Lastly, the Greasepaint stick... LOVE.

Bottom Row: Swatched dry
Middle Row: Swatched Wet
Top Row: Greasepaint stick as a base with dry shadow over

LOVING the eyeshadows. A look coming up with them.
 Did you get anything? What are you loving?


  1. Wow the eyeshadows really do look stunning when they're wet! Can't wait to see your look with them! :) xx

  2. I got the penultimate liner the other day. I LOVE it!
    Am soooo tempted to get the shadows

  3. love- i really am liking the shadows, wet and dry!

  4. legs- i got it originally with the chill collection and it dried out :(

  5. YUM! Love the look of Gilt By Association but was worried about fallout when I was in MAC the other day so didn't bother getting it. All the eyeshadows look lovely wet though and I love the depth of them with the greasepaint stick as a base x

  6. I'm going to buy all 4 shadows - love this collection, I just can't resist! x

  7. Lisa- the GBA had little to none fall out for me, its all about how you apply it.

  8. That purple shadow looks AMAZING.

    Gahh I'm so skint its untrue.

  9. Can't wait to get my hands on this collection!


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