Friday, April 10, 2009

Beauty News Du Jour 4.10.09

A beauty Vending Machine... too good to be true. Check it out.

From Allure "Getting sandwiches out of a machine was, for some reason, really big in the 1950s. (Or so we hear.) Much more appealing: getting beauty products from a machine at Fred Segal. U*tique, a new "automated retail device," as the company calls it, is filled with 50 makeup, skin, and hair products. You can browse the selections—a touch screen offers detailed information on every product, including its full list of ingredients, application tips, and background on the brand—swipe your credit card, and out pops your purchase. (You can even get a free sample of a lot of them.) The machine has LancĂ´me and Bliss, along with finds from Clark's Botanicals skincare and Hourglass cosmetics. Germaphobes: U*tique's stock is replenished often to make sure the products are fresh and each slot is individually temperature-controlled. The first one debuted at Studio at Fred Segal this week, and the company plans to set up more around the country over the next year in the obvious places: airport lounges, gyms, and even nightclubs."

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What do you think? I think this is AMAZING!


  1. That's pretty wacky, personally I like to touch my makeup before i buy it.

  2. I know! Isnt it? It's a very interesting concept from a retailing perspective. The Mondrian Hotel in South beach were one of the first to introduce this way of retailing. Very interesting....

  3. I really like your blog so far but I'd like to know what you look like, you know? :-) Keep up the great work.

  4. hi there!! Thank you.
    I dont know yet how I feel about putting my whole face up on the blog. You can see bits and peices now. Feel free to email you and I can send a picture :) Maybe I will be brave enough one day to put one up!