Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nude Lip Du Jour; YSL VS MAC

Showdown of the Nude Lip.
YSL Nude Beige #1 Rouge Volupte VS infamous MAC Bare Slimshine.
MAC Bare Slimshine
YSL Nude Beige #1 Rouge Volupte
Hand Swatches, YSl on left, MAC on right.

YSL Rouge Volupte is a lipstick, it is SUPER creamy, feels moisturizing. It is a matte finish. This is very very pigmented. This is more of a concealor looking nude (comparable to myth and fleshpot by mac but not AS concealor looking as those two). I feel that this is a cooler nude. YSL lipsticks have a delicious melon smell to them. I would be careful of wearing this color and lipstick if your lips are not perfectly moisturized. If they are dry dont go near this. $34.00

MAC's Bare is a Slimshine which means its glossier, a mix between a lipstick and a gloss. It feels moisturizing while still being quite pigmented. This is definitley a great everyday color. It is a nude without being too nude and concealor-y. It has peachy/warm undertones. Slimshines have a nice vanilla smell to them. This is more of a forgiving, easy formula just to slather on whenever and wherever. $14.50

YSL Rouge Volupte.
This is the absolute perfect nude for me so far, yes it is pricey but I will never be without this.
Perfect, creamy, moisturizing, pigmented and flattering.

What is your holy grail, can not live without nude?!


  1. I haven't got my perfect nude atm.. Closest I got a nude is MAC's Midimauve lipstick! I am going to try out Bare slimshine though and hopefully that will end my quest! :)

  2. Hi Shortiee, please let me know how you like bare slimshine. I am wearing it today and it is very soft and moisturizing! thanks for stopping by!

  3. Belle, mine is YSL Rouge Volupte number 1 as well, though MAC's blankety is a close second :)

  4. #1 is the most amazing color. I told every girl I know about this color.

  5. I love love love these. I have #2 and #4.The most creamy and luscious texture. I hope they come out with more colors!

  6. Yes Ernie, I can not gush enough about these. Personally, I think they blow every brand right out of the water. I am for sure going to pick a few more up, the only problem is this color is so amazing I never want to wear another again! Blasphemy!

  7. I have #1, #2, #3 and #7. And I love these lipstick. I think is the best lipstick ever. I love the creamy texture.

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