Saturday, April 25, 2009

Concealer Du Jour 4.25.09

I will be talking about my favorite concealer. I am never one skin tone, I love to lay out in the sun, I know bad. I get very tan in the summer and very pale in the winter and everywhere in between. For that very reason Make Up Forevers concealer palette is perfect. I also find is very creamy and not cakey which is important. The coverage is EXCELLENT. I also am a HUGE fan of salmon colored concealer as I tend to get dark under eye circles. I find that the salmon peach color works wonderfully to counter act the blue shadows. I luckily do not get many break outs on my face but when I happen to get the one odd pimple the green concealer takes the redness right out.

Here are swatches of all the colors on my quite pale hand. I usually mix the first and second color together for my face, then blend with the third.
As you can see, they all blend in very easily and seamlessly.

I really like this palette and highly reccomend it to anyone looking for creamy coverage. I do not know how this would work for Oily skin. I purchased this at Sephora about 6 months ago and have not made a dent in it, I feel that this will last me a very long time. Good Value.

Which are your favorite concealers?


  1. Wow this looks fab! I am the same, I change skin colours constantly throughout the seasons, I have about 5 different shades of foundation, it's crazy. I love this idea though because atleast that way they're all kept together! Atm I am loving Benefit's Boi-ing concealer, it has great coverage!

  2. I am a chameleon so this is perfect. Check this out if you can, you might love it!

  3. OMG i love and miss this concealer!
    haha i got my first palette when my (then) boyfriend gave me a hickey and it did wonders for me.
    then i sadly lost it, this post makes me wanna run for sephora and get another!
    i hate losing makeup

  4. Dirty- HAHA great story!!! I hate losing crap, I always do though!