Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lips Du Jour 4.18.09

I am happy to say I absolutley LOVE my Shu Uemura Lipstick.
I am so happy I ordered these finally, I might even dare to go as far to say that these might be next to my YSL as my holy grail of lipsticks. I wore the 906 out to dinner and by the end of dinner it was still on!

Great Colors
Packaging- LOVE it, like it WAY more that MAC.

Availability- Hard to find, only have it at barneys and sephora online (not in alot of the stores)
Price, a tad on the expensive side at $23 per piece.

Left: 906 Light Matte Naked Beige, Right: 907 Pinky Nude

906, Naked Beige

907, Pinky Nude

In conclusion, if I had to pick two lipsticks to bring to an island, right now I would say these two. They are the perfect Nude and light nude pink. What else could I ask for??

Shu is fighting my YSL Rouge Volupte HARD for the HG of all nudes.
What do you think? Will you try Shu's lipsticks?


  1. Oh you are right this packaging is much better than MAC's. These colours look fantastic on you!

  2. I love both of these shades, I need them.

  3. You've made me want to run out and spend loads of money at Shu Uemura now! I love that brand so much

  4. Sarah, the packaging is really nice, a bit futuristic? Have you ever tried shu?

  5. Gigi, You should use the sephora code and get them, they are fantastic, I am really impressed.

  6. Emma, You should run out and get these!!! Use the 15% off sephora code! What else do you like by Shu? I only have these lipsticks and obviously the eye lash curler!