Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lustworthy Du Jour 4.18.09

Alexander Wang. How I love thee...

My Forever 21 knock offs...
available at

Let me tell you about these, I saw the Alexander Wang (one of my favorite designers) ones in Barneys and held myself back from splurging, hello recession. I convinced myself this is not the time to be buying $749 shoes. Anyway, I walked into forever 21 and saw a stack of these babies, I am usually against buying knock offs, as in I have a design background and I know how hard designers work and a blatant rip off isn't cool, BUT I could not help myself. These were PERFECT, exactly like the originals that I love so much (Well maybe the platform isn't as High and the fringe isn't as full and lush but pretty damn close)!!!

Anyway, I recommend these shoes highly plus they are super comfortable. When I saw these I called my best friend right away to direct her to order these from the website ASAP as I knew these were going to sell out fast, and I urge you all to do the same.


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