Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dissapointment Du Jour 4.18.09

So I was psyched to try out Rimmels new mascara, Sexy Curves.

Cool brush, looked promising...
Long Lashes, CHECK!

This looks slightly wierd, like half my lashes are missing... Please excuse.
So you might ask what is the problem, cool new mascara, long lashes, nice cheap $7.99 price...
Well I put it on and loved it until my eyes and under eyes starting burning terribly. I did nothing else different so it must have been the mascara. I ran to the refrigerator to get ice for my eyes.

I don't know if I will be retrying this anytime soon.... shame though, alot of length and volume. Maybe I will give it another shot later on...

Anyone else try this yet?


  1. My eyes r so sensative, I would be out for the day! Thanx for the review.

  2. Oh what a shame - I reviewed it recently and I liked it, but I know it's been a bit hit and miss with a few people xxx

  3. Gigi, It's kinda off because I dont have sensitive eyes or skin, so this was a real shocker for me! I would steer very clear if you have sensitive eyes.

  4. Mizzworthy, I know I was really bummed out, it gave nice lashes!