Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Du Jour 4.17.09

To break away from beauty for a minute...It was such a gorgeous day in New York City today. I took some pictures on the way to work today and I thought I would share.

The back of my shirt is shredded, and the draping of the back makes for an interesting silhouette and looks cool in the shadow.

After work, back home in my apartment makeup-less :gasp:
Ciao xx


  1. Ohh the lighting in these photos is perfect! Love it! You are sooooooo stunning! Wow, seriously!!!!! Even without makeup you are so naturally beautiful.

  2. Sarah, It was such a sunny gorgeous day!!
    Thank you so much for the compliment! So sweet of you!!!!

  3. I love your blog name!! I also love the movie & lippie Belle du jour. I just got back from NY last week & I miss it. What a great city, very different than Cali. You look gorgeous in the pics!

  4. Hi Gigi! Thanks, I absolutley love catherine denueve and the movie too!!! How did you like NY? Did you do anything great?